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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware - Cabinet Door Knobs and Handles

Rajib Singha Mar 6, 2020
Kitchen cabinet hardware like cabinet door knobs and handles have a major impact on the style and looks of the kitchen. There are some great cabinet hardware to choose from, for a classy cabinets' look.
Door knobs and handles are an integral part of your kitchen cabinet hardware, but at the same time, they do not grab regular attention; except when they are being used. The style, pattern and finish are some deciding factors, when you go for kitchen decoration.
And, after you have made up your mind on the choices you have, the installation or the placement of the knobs or handles is another consideration. Here are some tips to help you choose the right kind of hardware for your kitchen.

Which One to Choose?

Cabinet door knobs or handles; both or either of them add elegance to the look of the kitchen cabinets. Now the choice between these two types depends upon the consumer's opinion. And, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of their different types, would help narrow down your decision.
The cabinet hardware must be chosen with respect to the overall style or look of the kitchen. Several choices between knobs and handles are available that can fit into any kind of style; modern or traditional.

Door Knobs

# Cabinet door knobs come in an array of styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colors. They are available in all possible styles you can think of to suit the decorum of the kitchen. The brass cabinet knobs were the first of their kind that came into existence.
So, for an old classy or antique look for your kitchen, the brass types are an excellent choice. Wooden types also suit well for the same. For kitchens which have a modern and sophisticated look, chrome knobs, gem knobs, crystal knobs and glass knobs fit the bill.
# Another reason to consider is the door type. Most knobs are designed so that they blend well with the style of the door where they are to be used. For instance, for molded kitchen cabinet doors, there are door knobs that are made differently than the usual.
# When determining the size of the knob, do not go for big ones for a small scale furniture. One smart way to decide the size is with the help of the width of the rails. Experts recommend to go for knobs smaller than half the rail width.

Cabinet Handles

# Cabinet handles, or more appropriately regarded as cabinet pulls, provide limited choices in case of styles and patterns. Handles are shaped into curve, flat, cupped, etc. And, the design and styles of the handles are influenced by their shapes.
Handles come in square, rounded and squiggles patterns. Kitchen wearing an antique look can have brass cabinet handles in their cabinetry, and bronze cabinet handles are suited for modern kitchens. One important advantage that handles provide is the way they are placed on the cabinets.
# When it comes to ease of use, cabinet handles or pulls are more convenient to work with as compared to knobs. Because with handles, the person can use his/her entire hand to open the cabinet or the drawer.
In addition, since the handles are screwed at two places, they do not wear down easily thus, are more durable. Handles are more suitable for pulling heavy drawers, as they are screwed in two places and give extra strength.
# Cabinet handles can be oriented vertically or in a horizontal fashion on the surface. Some popular types include the standard, cup, and bail handles. The standard handles are the ones which you usually get to see in most places.
Cup handles, also known as bin handles, as the name suggests, look like a slice of a sphere which is open at the bottom. Bail handles have a design that is suited to a traditional kitchen. These handles basically stay flat against the surface, and have to be lifted up to be used.


The cost that would be involved in adding the hardware to your kitchen is another important aspect to be kept in mind. Needless to say, the price may vary depending on the design, style and the material. It may also vary depending on the hardware store. Considering budget, you can decide upon the right type of hardware that would fit your kitchen.


Installing knobs is an easier process as compared to the installation of handles. This is because they have to be screwed just in one place. They can also be easily replaced, if any need arises. However, handles need to be screwed in two places and proper attention has to be paid to the spacing between the fasteners.
You can carry out the installation yourself with the aid of proper tools. However, if you don't have a very good hand in carpentry based jobs, then you can hire a carpenter for the same.
Other than door knobs and handles, door catches, latches, hasps, locksets and hinges can also be at your disposal to customize your kitchen cabinets' look and decor. Choosing the right knobs and handles are as important as choosing the desired finish and materials for the cabinets. Go for the styles and designs you love so that you can admire their beauty every time you enter your kitchen.