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Enchanting Kids' Room Painting Ideas

Shashank Nakate
Painting a kids' room makes it more lively and cozy for children to spend their leisure time. The paintings should entertain children and also provide them information about their surroundings. There are many kids' room painting ideas which can be used to decorate a child's room.
Painting a kids' room can be a fun activity. One can either hire professionals to carry out the task or just do it on their own.
The painting ideas for baby rooms or kids' rooms include the use of different concepts such as cartoons, wildlife, plants, flowers and various forms of nature. Here are few more interesting ideas on this topic.
There are number of ways in which a kids' room can be painted. A room can be made colorful and decorative with the help of different children room painting ideas. One can explore a lot of different things and ideas in this form of interior painting. Here are different features that can be incorporated in the process of designing kids' rooms.


The use of pictures in a kids' room enhances its appearance and offers a casual appearance. There are many ideas that one can choose from, to paint a kids' room. Pictures have a great impact on the minds of kids and they learn much more through pictorial forms rather than just words.

Plants and Flowers

Drawing pictures of flowers and plants is a practice commonly followed in carrying out decoration works. Drawing a flower is easy, and even a layman can draw basic flower shapes without much difficulty.
One need not be an artist to draw simple structures or parts of flowers such as petals, leaves and stems. The process of drawing can be made much simpler with the help of tools and accessories easily available at home. For example, plates can be used for drawing circles.

Wild Animals

Decorating a kids' room with wildlife paintings educates them about different species of animals. Parents can use pictures to teach their children about animals.
Pictures of wild animals depict some kind of motion or movement. Therefore, it helps create a lively atmosphere. Kids are fond of such pictures and they enjoy having such images in their rooms.

Quotes and Poems

Words can be used creatively to influence tender minds of children. Painting the room with poems and nursery rhymes help children in reciting them with ease and also develops their interest in further reading.
One can write their own quotes which describe or are associated with their children. It helps develop a sense of belonging in children for their rooms.

Blue Sky

A perfect blue sky is an interesting concept that can be implemented for painting a kids' room. The blue color has a calming effect on the mind.
Painting the room with clouds, a rainbow and birds would create a pleasant atmosphere in a kids' room; it is one of the best ways to paint a kid's room.


Designing a kids' room with planets of the solar system is a good idea.
Any new idea or concept being introduced to children acts as a trigger for a 'chain reaction'; it means the kids tend to ask a lot of questions related to new things they see. It can be termed as the process of encouraging them to think and guiding them to learn new things.

Accent Walls

The smart use of accent walls in kids' rooms can help enhance their appearance. One should choose warm colors for accent walls if the existing shade is a neutral one.
Warm colors make the accent wall appear closer to eyes. Orange, red and other such warm shades are generally used for accent walls.

Kids' Bathroom Painting Ideas

A kids' bathroom can be painted and decorated with the help of many interesting ideas. Walls can be painted with bubbles and fish to offer them an 'aquatic' look. Different sea creatures can be drawn on walls. Such paintings not only help entertain kids, but also educate them about different types of animals found in oceans.
Planning the interior decorations with above mentioned kids' room painting ideas would help enhance the appearance of a child's room and make it appear lively. After all, the place where kids would be spending most of their time should look good and be comfortable.