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Innovative Ideas for Soffit Lighting

Mrunal Belvalkar
Soffit lights are the kind of lights that are generally fit on the soffit (or the underside) of architectural elements such as arches, ceilings, an overhanging roof, etc. However, there are many innovative ways to use soffit lighting. Find out about innovative soffit lighting ideas in this post.
The Latin word 'suffigere' means 'to fix beneath'. The term 'soffit' originated from the Latin word. Soffit lighting hence refers to the kind of lights that are fixed under architectural structures such as a ceiling, an archway, an overhanging roof eave, or a protruding cornice etc.
If you look at the picture alongside, you will realize that the light coming out of the bulb is restricted because of the fact that the bulb is 'set in' the wall or ceiling. Light would be emitted radially from an ordinary bulb mounted on a wall.
However, light coming from soffit lighting is cylindrical, so that it helps light exactly that what is kept underneath it. Soffit lights, in a way, have the same effect as spotlights do. Soffit lighting has gained popularity over the past few years. A lot of people want to use soffit lighting in their homes. Indeed it looks charming.
But many people do not know how to use soffit lighting and where all they can use it. Also some people like to spend an extra thought on everything they do so that all their belongings and possessions are unique and a cut above the rest. If you are one of them, here are some innovative soffit lighting ideas for you!

Soffit Lighting...

... for the House

Soffit lighting in the house can be used in many different innovative ways. A few of the conventional ideas would be to use soffit lighting to light up corridors or passages in the house, to light up the top of kitchen cabinets, etc.
One out-of-the-box idea could be to use soffit lighting to light a staircase. Usually people like to hang pictures or paintings on the walls next to an indoor staircase. Soffit lighting could be a good way to highlight these pictures and paintings. Another interesting idea could be to install soffit lighting above a mantel.
Hang a beautiful mirror, and you have a 'last minute look at yourself before you step out of the house' mirror ready, complete with a light (so you don't miss make-up flaws and can correct them in time!). Finally soffit kitchen lighting - especially for the dining table - would give your kitchen the look of a posh restaurant! Think about it.

... for a Bathroom

This is for the indulgent soul. There is something very relaxed and chilled-out about soffit lighting. Maybe it's because of the fact that the light is not too bright and glaring. Soffit lighting is soft; and it can be just the thing you need for an indulgent fragrant bath!
Soffit lighting in your bathroom will transform an ordinary bathing experience into something else. You can fit the lights in the corners of the bathroom and a couple in the center. You may even fix them in a pattern (like an oval) so that they light up the bath-tub. Come back from a busy day, and take a dip in your bathtub. It would be so relaxing.
You could even prepare a luxuriant bath for your spouse after he/she returns from work (and while you do, sing to yourself 'Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night'!).

... for a Wardrobe

Remember all the times you tried and failed to find something in that over-full, overcrowded and overflowing wardrobe of yours? Wouldn't it be lovely if you could have small soffit lights fit into the walls of your wardrobe?
The kinds that lit up every time you opened the cupboard? This one's bound to appeal to you! Soffit lights inside a wardrobe would greatly simplify the task of finding your favorite scarf even if it is at the bottom of a huge pile of clothes.
It would help your husband find his tie without asking you for it. You could even have really small soffit lights in the drawers as well. The same idea can be used for a cabinet, a shelf, or a library... even a garage!

... for a Study

Soffit lights for a study could be a great idea - especially if you have siblings. Possibilities are that you may have to stay up late and complete some project or homework and need the lights on, but your sibling has to go to bed!
Soffit lighting can solve the problem for you. A small soffit light installed right above your study-table is going to throw just the right amount of light on the desk for you. The same purpose would be served by a table lamp. But a table lamp would occupy space on your table, a soffit light wouldn't. Now his light need not be on the ceiling necessarily.
You can design a study table to have a rectangular or circular arch and fit two small soffit lights in the arch. Make sure the arch is such that it will stick to the wall when you place your study table against the wall. This could add to the cost of the table though - ask Santa!

... for a Pool Table

Surprised? Well, most of the time, a pool table in the house is in a place dedicated to playing pool, Sometimes it is in the library or the attic. Finally it may be in the garage. Now, why light up the entire room when you want to play pool?
You can simply have soffit lights fit on the inner side of the table border so that they flood the table when switched on. A pool table usually has raised sides to stop the balls from rolling off the table. You could install soffit lights on the insides of these edges. They would light just the table.
This could be an interesting deviation from the typical hanging light shade that most people opt for on top of the pool table. It would be a slightly more expensive pool table indeed, but something of a luxury, an indulgence... and most definitely unique. Your friends are going to love coming down to your place every weekend for a 'pool'-party!

... for a Garden Walk-Way

Garden lighting is quite an important aspect of a beautiful garden. Have you ever considered having soffit lighting for the walk-way though? Many a time the walk-way in the garden is neglected so that it is less embellished than other elements of the garden.
Soffit lights could be a good way to decorate your garden walkway. A garden walk-way may be lined by a raised border (much like a promenade has), or a well constructed knee-high wall to separate it from the rest of the garden.
Soffit lights can be fit on the insides of these walls or borders, so that only the walk-way is lit. It will make roaming around the garden in the nighttime a lot easier.

... for a Staircase

Movie theaters usually have small lights installed on the steps so that they are lit without the entire hall being illuminated. You could do something similar for the steps leading to your porch, or the steps in your patio, or garden gazebo.
It will definitely lift the look of your garden. Soffit lighting for stairs can make stairs look really pretty. Along with embellishing your stairs, it is also a practical idea - in that it will help to light up the steps. This would be a blessing for all the elderly members of the family.
Quite some out-of-the-box ideas, isn't it? Soffit lighting can be used in even more creative ways... but we leave those for you to discover on your own. Just think 'pretty', think 'elegance', 'charm' and 'beauty', and the perfect soffit lighting idea will come to you. It might even turn out to be better than these ideas! Wish you luck!