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Indoor Swimming Pools

Dhanya Joy
Indoor swimming pools can be used all year round and homeowners can also enjoy their privacy while swimming. Read on to know more about its designs, construction, and cost.
Nowadays, most homeowners want their home to look like a luxurious retreat or spa. An indoor pool is one such element that can help give your home an opulent look. These pools are not just limited for the rich and famous. Today, it has become a feasible option for many.
The main advantage of having an indoor swimming pool is that one can swim in the pool year round without worrying about bad weather conditions or privacy.
The resale value of a house increases considerably, when it includes a swimming pool. However, while building a swimming pool, there are a number of considerations to be made, from the selection of the design to the cost involved.
Based on the construction method, there are of two types of indoor swimming pools: in-ground pools and on-ground pools. 
In-ground pools are constructed using vinyl, concrete, steel, or fiberglass whereas on-ground pools are made in places where ground freezing is experienced. The cost of building an on-ground pool is cheaper than an in-ground one, but in-ground pools are more popular.
Temporary indoor pools can also be set up using Polyvinyl chloride pools that are available commercially. This type of pool can be folded and conveniently stored when not in use. There are also various kinds of portable swimming pools available. There are various beautiful designs that may inspire you to get an indoor swimming pool in your home.

Construction and Cost

The construction of a swimming pool requires a lot of planning and research. The structural integrity of the house as well as the plumbing and wiring of your house should be taken into consideration before planning the construction of the swimming pool.
Decisions regarding the pool design, material to be used for construction, the estimated budget, addition of facilities, etc., need to be made before the final construction begins.
A certified pool building professional or a contractor can be hired for construction purposes. A professional will be able to guide you regarding the construction of the swimming pool on the basis of your requirements, available space, and budget.
All specifications, materials required, and of course, the budget must be discussed prior to the commencement of pool construction. The costs involved in building the indoor pool will depend on the materials to be used, the size and shape of the pool, addition of other amenities like a gym, a spa, pool lighting, etc.


Maintenance and management of indoor pools, can prove to be heavy on your pockets. However, by implementing some of the given methods, you can save a lot of your money that goes into swimming pool management.
You can make use of compact fluorescent lights instead of incandescent bulbs or lamps for lighting up your swimming pool area. Compact fluorescent lights are energy-efficient lights and they reduce electricity consumption by around 30%.
For heating the indoor water pool, you could make use of solar heating systems, as swimming pools require low temperature heating. This is a great way to increase efficiency of the pool while lowering maintenance costs.
Costs involving swimming pool water management can be reduced considerably by using appropriate sized pumps and motors, by clearing clogged drains, reducing backwashing of filters, and implementing filtration of the water regularly.
Ensure that there are adequate ventilation systems installed to prevent the walls from cracks and molds.
One of the biggest issues that homeowners with indoor pools face is that of humidity. Dehumidification is very important, as too much moisture causes condensation on windows and walls of pool room. So, make use of pool covers and dehumidifiers to control humidity.


No swimming pool can look complete without some comfortable lounge chairs. Lounge chairs are available in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your décor. A few accents like a stone or marble sculpture and tall indoor plants can give the pool a more elegant look.
Another good idea is to opt for a cathedral style ceiling for the pool room. Indoor pools can also have added amenities like a spa for relaxation and rejuvenation and a changing room. If there are windows surrounding the pool room, then it is a good idea to add sheer curtains to give the pool area an opulent ambiance.
If you are intending to use the poolside as an entertainment area, then you need to make sure that this area is cozy and functional. A small bar, a few chairs, tables, and floor lamps can help you to do this. Make sure that all these furniture and décor items match the décor and ambiance of the pool area.