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How Web Stories Can Make Your Interior Design Blog Worth Following

Manali Oak
If you are in the field of interior design or decor, and if you intend to showcase your work on an online platform, Web Stories can help. Know how?
Web Stories are a beautiful blend of social media stories and pages on the open web.
They are fast-loading, mobile-focused and visually appealing while also being search-engine friendly.
Unlike long-form articles, Web Stories are replete with visuals and have less text, making them highly engaging.
For a subject like interior design, where your content is mainly visual, Web Stories will prove to be the perfect format for your interior design blog posts.
Visual Stories gives you a hassle-free way. You can start a blog which is a PWA and harnesses Web Stories as its content format.
How to Adopt this Format?
You don't have to worry about the setup, hosting and maintenance of this blog and it receives automatic feature updates.
You get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG feature-rich web story creation tool. It has a media library of music and millions of images that can be included in your Stories.
You can even upload your own media (images and videos) in your Stories.
Start a blog with Visual Stories and creating content will be easy and fun. Owing to the format, you will enjoy greater visibility on the web.
You could create Stories about your interior design projects if you are in this field. If you are only an enthusiast, you could create Stories about beautiful designs you have seen.
You could compile photos and videos of good interior designs or decor themes and create highly rich visual stories in minutes.
Grab the opportunity to create engaging content about home interiors by starting a Web Stories blog.
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