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How to Transform Your Home Into a Rustic Cabin Getaway

Paisley Hansen
From the dark, warm wood features to the cozy, stone fireplace cabins have the ability to make you feel at home; eliciting sentiments of relaxation, ease, and even charming memories from childhood. Whether you’re decorating a place in the woods or want to give your current home a more rustic feel, these ideas will help you get that iconic down-to-earth look.

Wood Flooring

Traditional hardwood or faux wood flooring, provides a natural, rustic look in any room, especially if choosing wood with a contrasting grain. Look for colors that have warmer tones such as honey, mahogany, or walnut. When deciding on floor plank width, opt for a wider strip, which offers a more vintage feel.

Earth-Toned or Wood Walls

When thinking about a traditional cabin, images of stacked logs and earthy colors throughout the interior may come to mind. Depending on the amount you want to invest, log paneling is a great option to get that true authentic feel. Look for traditional or faux knotty pine or cedar rounded paneling and be sure to mount horizontally.
If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider painting the walls in earth-toned shades such as warm browns, burgundy shades, spruce greens, spicy orange hues, or denim blues.

Window Treatments

Wooden blinds are a great choice when working toward a rustic look. Choose at least one-inch slats, which allow for better natural light adjustment and can show more wood grain and detail. Consider adding curtains in linen or cotton fabrics to your windows using decorative, wrought-iron rods to amplify that backwoods feel.

Stone Fireplace

Fireplaces tend to become the central eye-catching architectural piece in any home, especially if they have elaborate features. One iconic image of any log cabin is the stone fireplace. To create this look, cover the existing walls surrounding the fireplace in either real or faux stone paneling, depending on your budget.
Be sure to consider installing an eye-catching piece of wood for the mantel to complete the look. If your home currently does not have a fireplace, adding a free-standing, electric fireplace to a blank wall and building around it is always a great option.


Choosing the right light fixtures is key to adding that cozy, natural vibe to your rustic home. Look for unique lighting pieces such as wrought-iron chandeliers and pendant lights with warm-hued bulbs. Antique lamps are a great option for bedrooms and living rooms, giving a glowing, cozy light.
If you want more of a wilderness or mountain feel, consider adding moose, elk, or deer antler chandeliers, which not only bring a rugged look, but can become a true conversation piece as well.


Once you have all the major decorative ventures completed, you’ll want to put some thought into the overall décor, starting with furniture. Look for natural materials such as wood, leather, and stone when choosing your pieces.
Dark leather couches and chairs and unique wood tables and bed frames can enhance your rustic look. Be sure to add some quilts or flannel patterns to your bedrooms and look for some chunky knit or plush wool blankets.

Small Accents

Using small accessories to finish the look can be a great way to enrich the overall cabin feel. Look for distinctive pieces, which can be now found in many stores, or antique décor if you’re up for hunting around at garage sales and consignment shops. Accessories, such as woven rugs, are just the start of what you can bring to your home.
Whether you have a getaway in the mountains or want to transform your home into an authentic rustic cabin, there are a number of ways, from wood paneling to small accents, to help you achieve that warm, natural look. And from big budget to budget-friendly, the endless options will make it that much easier