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How to Store Pots and Pans in Kitchen?

Matt Thompson Jan 23, 2020
Having a complete cookware set is a dream for every mother. They always want to buy new cookware products every month. But, they also think twice before buying more cookware because it needs more storage.
Also, it will be more confusing to store pots and pans in cabinets while your kitchen is small. How to store pots and pans in your small kitchen? Perhaps, you can consider these following tips on how to store pots and pans neatly despite you only have a small kitchen.

Hang Over Head

When you have no more storage to store your pans and pots, you can still have a chance to hang every single pan and pot on your kitchen ceiling or over the kitchen island. If you have a low ceiling, you can build such a pans and pots hanger using an iron stick.
If it looks too messy, then you can hang the pots and pans over the kitchen island. This way is a great choice to organize it neatly and you can just reach it easily.

Hang on the Wall

In addition to the ceiling and over the kitchen island, you also have a chance to hang your pots and pans on the wall. How to store pots and pans? If your cabinet is too small and has no more space, then the wall is a great choice.
It is quite easy to build such pans and pots hanger. You can take a pan and then attach it to the wall. Next, you can use nails for the hangers. You can paint the panel to make it look good.

Using Corner Cabinet

In a kitchen, the corner is usually not used so you can utilize this area to store your Best Pots and Pans. Simply, you need to build such a simple corner cabinet. In a certain case, there is a kitchen cabinet which also includes corner storage.
It is exactly located in the corner but it is not too large. So, this can be your additional pans and pots storage while you also need to hang it on the wall or hang it over the head.

Deep Drawers

How to store pots and pans in cabinets? Well, most kitchen cabinets are designed with drawers. So, you can choose deep drawers to store your pots and pans. It is located under the cabinet itself. Somehow, this drawer cannot load too many items, so you need more drawers. At least, it can store some cookware products so they look neat and organized.

Hang Under a Shelf

If you have a small shelf in your kitchen, then you can also build a special hanger under the shelf. there is no significant remodeling for this part, but you can just simply add some hangers under the shelf. You have to make sure that it is sturdy and strong. It is a great way to save space when you only have a minimalist kitchen.

Open Cabinet Shelves

Cabinet shelves are usually used in many modern cabinet designs. It is located above the kitchen island attached to the main cabinet body. An open cabinet shelf is a good choice to store your pots and pans without hanging them and shutting doors. It is just an open shelf so you can easily grab every item immediately when you need it.

Magnetic Panel

If you have so many items made from iron or stainless steel, you can use a magnetic panel to store your pots and pans lids. You can keep your pots and pans inside the store while you just attach the lids on the magnetic panel. This magnetic panel is also used for storing other kinds of tools like a knife, spatula, and much more.

Slide-Out Rack In a Cabinet

If you want to organize your kitchen appliances neatly, then you can build such a slide-out rack within the cabinet. You can choose the bottom area to build the slide-out rack. A slide-out rack is preferable because you can just slide it out or in when you want to store it or use it. This concept is usually used in many modern kitchens that have small space.

Stick a Hook Anywhere

If you have pots and pans, you can just stick a hook anywhere in your kitchen. But, you have to arrange the hook so that it looks neat and adorable. You can choose the side cabinet or the wall which is made of wood.

Using a Pegboard

A pegboard is a popular choice that many homeowners use to store any pots and pans. You can use a large pegboard in black color while you put some hooks around. You can just simply put the pegboard on the wall and then hang every single item on the pegboard.

Try a Towel Bar

Perhaps, you have an unused towel bar so you can attach it to your kitchen cabinet side. But, you need hooks so you can hang your pots and pans. This towel bar is usually made of iron and is quite easy to build a towel bar pots hanger.

Divide a Deep Drawer

If you have a large drawer, you can use it to store pans and pots neatly. But, you need some dividers to separate pots from the pans. This is the best way so that every space is used and every item is stored neatly.

Backsplash Decoration

A backsplash is usually an empty part in a kitchen, but you can use it to store your pots and pans. The pots and pans can decorate the backsplash, but you have to arrange them correctly. As usual, you need some hooks so that you can hang your pots and pans. This is a perfect option if you have a small kitchen.
Finally, how to store pots and pans? Those are a few simple tips on how to store pots and pans neatly, especially if you have a minimalist kitchen and have no enough space.