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How To Renovate Your Living Space On a Budget

Enhancing your living space doesn’t have to consist of throwing old furniture out, purchasing brand new items and wrecking your bank account.
Abbie Faulkner May 29, 2019
Enhancing your living space doesn’t have to consist of throwing old furniture out, purchasing brand new items and wrecking your bank account.

There are various smart homes across the world which feature immaculate, environmentally friendly designs that didn’t cost a leg. And maybe the other one.
We’ve put together a few smart home tips so you can develop your living space and unleash it’s full potential, without all of the issues in between. Consider these as a few lifestyle home hacks.


The first thing you need to consider when you’re going to pull off a renovation, is what you don’t like about your current living space. Is it the floor? The furniture? Is the colour scheme just not working anymore? Would you like to open the space up and gain more sunlight in your home? Let's call it decluttering.

So, get a list ready.

Recycle and Reuse

Use a list to decide what you want to keep and what you want to go. If you're parting from furniture or items that can be reused, do NOT sell them on or throw them in the bin, they could be extremely useful and you might not even know it. The chest of drawers you're willing to throw out? You can use as garden furniture.
It’s incredibly important to look after and protect the environment, so if you can do that by reusing old furniture or recycling it to a good cause, you’re doing your bit and helping the planet towards a better one.

Be Your Own Project Manager

This in itself will save you a lot of money. A project manager is essentially where they manage and overlook the whole project and the needs of it.

If you’re one that prefers to handle and have complete control over things, especially when it comes to the renovation of your home, you can do this job yourself. This has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.
 Although you can keep your budget to a minimum, having the time can be a big issue. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of potential issues
  • Ensure you have a suitable plan in place
  • Talk to an expert

Shop Around

This is absolutely crucial when you’re looking to purchase new items for your home. Customer loyalty shows your dedication to a particular brand, but if you can save yourself a few pennies by going to another business with much lower prices and which possess the same quality, why wouldn’t you?
This goes for builders and architects too. It's always sensible to get a variety of quotes and determine which is best value for money. Follow these tips for the best outcome:
  • Shop for coupon / voucher codes online
  • Be smart with dynamic pricing
  • Look for price matches / promises
  • Negotiate

Touch Ups

You can make a huge difference by touching up old bits and bobs around the house. Your doors that are looking a bit old? Get some oil and finish them off for a rustic, charming feel.

Maintaining your internal and external doors saves you a lot of money and is quite efficient when it comes to heat and warmth – just what you want in a home.
Here are a few other things you can touch up within the home;
  • Windows 
  • Paint (go for a neutral colour scheme)
  • Wood floors (use oil or paint to enhance these)
  • Rearrange furniture
By hunting for deals and bargains, taking part in the work and getting stuck in with the renovation (provided you have the skills to do so), it can be a fun and fulfilling challenge that saves you a little bit of money. Try the tips mentioned in the article and we hope they help!