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How to Furnish an Office on a Budget

Cheryl Mascarenhas
Starting out on a new business venture? You would definitely need to furnish your office then. Comb through this information to get some inputs on doing up your office on a strict budget.
Think like a fresh-out-of-college teenager
Think of yourself as a low-on-funds individual who has to survive the windfalls of furnishing an entire workspace. You would obviously opt for something that is cheap, yet last you for a long time.
Whether you decide to spruce up your existing workspace or expand your business, it is absolutely essential that you create an amiable workspace for your employees. The mere thought of doing up the office furniture can come across as a daunting task at hand.
However, the good news is that you do not have to spend excess amounts sprucing up the look of your office. So to say, you can have a neat and amiable workplace all without you spending too much on the décor.

Budget-friendly Ways to Furnish Your Office


Here's a small task for you. Start by visualizing the workspace you have in hand, and think of the ways you could do it up. Planning is really important as you and your employees would be spending a good 6 hours daily in that workplace.
You have to take into consideration the space and amount of furnishing that go into the desired space without forgetting the notion of a personal space. It wouldn't be wise to have your employees huddled up together with no leg and hand space to freely work about.
Once the plan is finalized, make a rough estimate of the total expenditure and jot it down. Your next step is simple―plan your budget in such a way that you accommodate the essentials into the expenditure.

Rely on Refurbished Furniture

When in times of despair, rely on the things you already have in hand. It will not only save you the trouble of hunting for the objects, but will also be easy on cash, thus, allowing you to concentrate on objects that you simply cannot miss.
You can reuse old furniture and incorporate it into the new workspace you want to create. A touch of paint can do wonders for old furniture; besides, it is an economical and inexpensive way to spiff up the look of the office. You could get great deals from stores selling secondhand furniture and have it customized to suit the layout in your office.
Strategically place plants to keep the décor simple yet elegant.

Keep it Simple

Ever thought of how making a few changes here and there can make a huge difference? Invest in simple things to increase the style quotient of your office. Use colorful blinds and matching carpets to create a theme for your office.
When doing the lights, stick to bare essentials. You wouldn't want your employees returning home with a headache, owing to fluorescent lights hovering over their head all day.
For the décor, use shelves where possible so as to save on extra cabinetry for files and folders. Go minimal on the paint and bold on the color of the soft boards to create unique display boards.
Up the aesthetic sense with shelves instead of cabinets.

Comfort Matters

Going budget-friendly does not mean you sacrifice the comfort of your employees. Ensure you invest in comfortable yet sturdy chairs for your office. Also, remember to get a couch for the reception or the sick room so that your employees can rest for a couple of minutes when they are stressed out.
Do not leave out the pantry requirements for the office. You could invest in a secondhand fridge, microwave oven, and dispensers to make your office complete. To make the interiors seem more comfortable, use plants to decorate huge empty spaces.
Unclutter your reception area to make a lasting impact.

Minimize the Frills

A simple and neat office is a much better option than a fancy office. Think of all the things that would make your office look fancy, and simply do away with them. Display your products in the reception area to save on excess furniture in the reception area.
Provide your employees with whiteboards and soft boards to personalize their own space, rather than crowding it with cabinets. To save up on furniture, avoid having too many conference and board rooms. A single large table with a couple of chairs around it is sufficient to do up the conference room.
A conference room can double up as an entertainment room.

Rented Furniture

If you are not so keen on spending a large amount on office furniture, hire it from a rental company for a period of a year. If you are setting up the office in a rented space, ask if you could use their furniture as well; you will end up saving quite a huge sum in this manner.
While you can afford to go cheap on the furnishing, remember to install good quality fixtures. You do not want to end up spending extra amounts repairing them on a regular basis. Always remember, you want furniture that won't give way in a matter of time. Cheap is good as long as it will stand the test of time.