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How to Feng Shui Your Home

Puja Lalwani
Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system. It is a practice based on beliefs that allow you to alter your life just by making some changes in your thought process and the way you live.
Feng shui will not work by merely shifting your sofa from one corner to another. The thought process, the belief, and the faith behind the fact that doing so will bring a positive change in your life are just as important. Here's how to change your home to attract health, wealth, and good fortune.

Helpful Tips

Essentially, feng shui is a very personalized practice system where different remedies are suited for different individuals. You can find your lucky directions by understanding your KUA number. This is done by adding up your birth date (MM/DD/YYYY) to a single digit.
Based on this number, you are given four directions that are most auspicious for you, which you should face or in which you should work.
Depending upon your KUA number, along with four auspicious directions, you are also given four inauspicious directions that you should not face or work in, as these could cause major hindrances in your work.
You can easily find a KUA number calculator online that will give your auspicious and inauspicious directions. These directions will help you figure how to arrange things in your home appropriately.
While this is more personalized, there are also some very basic tips that can help you make your home a peaceful place to reside in. Just remember to attune your mind and body to the changes you are making in order to experience the result.
Start by de-cluttering your home. Clutter equals stagnant energy, and this is terrible if you are trying to achieve growth and success in any aspect of life. You may often find it difficult to part with old items, or the ones that you think you may use some day.
The things you haven't used in the last 10 years, you will not use now. Even things kept in cabinets should be kept neatly. You will immediately feel calmer once you have rid your house of all the clutter.
Ensure that your main door has no obstructions or hindrances when you open and close it. The door should open completely within the house. If the entrance is dark, it should be lit by a small lamp. You can place a wind chime there to balance any negativity.
Do not place a mirror opposite your entrance, as it has the power to repel both positivity and negativity. It is also suggested that you place a laughing Buddha opposite your entrance door to attract wealth in your life.
The objects and furniture in your house should not have any sharp corners or edges. These are what are known as 'poison arrows', and can create obstacles in your path. If you cannot do anything to round the edges, simply cover them with a cloth. For instance, if you have a table with sharp edges, cover it with a decorative runner.
Use feng shui plants to enhance good luck and fortune. The kind of plants you place in the appropriate directions will bring you all that you desire from life.
Every morning try to play some music that will clear the bad vibes in your house and give it a sense of calm. Feng shui experts suggest playing some soothing music or mantras for this purpose. This makes the atmosphere fresh, and reduces stress so you can face the day, fully charged.
The kind of statues, images, and works of art you keep in the house also have the ability to alter your fortune.
For instance, if you are trying to attract a relationship, avoid keeping pictures of lonely individuals or animals. Similarly, statuettes of single women should be avoided. All images should reflect a happy, positive things that will attract the same to your life.
If you want wealth, place images of things that you want after you get the wealth; images of your favorite car, a house, etc. are all things you should see often around the house. If you are looking for success in your career, have pictures of your mentor around you to inspire you and give you the necessary drive.
Wherever you sit or sleep, ensure that you have no beams, a loft, a staircase, or even a shelf above your head. Change your position if you must, but avoid any overhead weight at all costs.
Ensure that your living room seating is interactive to encourage communication and positive vibes.
There should be solid walls behind wherever you work. This is to ensure stability and prevent any vulnerability to unforeseen negativity. This tip holds true even for your bed; it should be placed against a solid wall without any doors or windows on the wall.
Ensure that you avoid electronic equipment in the room. Having these affects communication in a relationship and may cause negativity.
Mirrors and feng shui have a deep relationship. While they are known to radiate positive energy in certain locations, in others they can act as negative an effect. Avoid mirrors in bedrooms as they are likely to cause bad health.
The right use of color is very important. Use a color chart to help you bring in the appropriate kind of luck you need in various aspects of your life.
When you are working at home or sleeping, make sure you are able to see the entrance to the room. Not being able to do so puts you in a vulnerable position, where you may have trouble with relationships (professional and personal).
Keep bowls of rock salt in every room in your house and outside your main door to repel negativity. Change the salt every ten days so that it continues to function appropriately.
Ensure that every corner of your house receives fresh air and light every day. This is essential to circulate fresh energies in the house and revive you.
These were the basics of adopting feng shui in your home. As powerful as this science is when used in the right manner, it can work as unfavorably if you implement it incorrectly. Bring in good luck, wealth, and fortune by making the most of all that this science has to offer. Again, remember to place your faith in it. Faith can move mountains.
Disclaimer: The tips given in this story are general in nature and do not intend to replace the advice of an expert on the subject. For more specific tips, it is advisable to consult a certified feng shui expert who will be able to provide you with an in-depth space analysis and prescribe the necessary changes.