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How to Design A Minimalist Home Office

The interior design industry is constantly changing, just like everything else.
Abbie Faulkner Sep 19, 2019

Minimalist Designs

We know that we’re greeted with many new trends over the year, with some managing to find their place, and well, some not so much. But the new trend that everyone needs to pay attention to, is minimalist living.

Ultimately, it refers to a lifestyle that focuses on living with less. 

Hop On The Trend

With the current generation paving the way for a better future, it’s definitely a trend we can hop on and get behind, especially when we connect it with interior design.

Design For Less

Many new modern homes and businesses feature an exquisite minimalist design that boasts simplicity and sustainability which is ideal. So, throughout this article we’re going to be providing you with a few tips on how you can achieve a minimalist design.

Colour Palette

The colour palette is the most important thing to consider when it comes to design. This applies to the home and business premises. Neutral colours are by far the best and most ideal option you should go for. Dark tones make rooms look and feel smaller, this can have an impact on concentration and focus when you’re working.
Too many bright colours also effect concentration as bright colours are naturally stimulating. Although they can make you feel more motivated and awake, they can’t act as distractions too! Check out these examples for inspiration.

Maximise Space

Although this might be an obvious tip for designing a minimalist office, not many people seem to follow through properly with it! There are a number of ways in which this can be achieved. Let’s start with windows. Would you move into an office which had no windows, or even a home?

It’s been known that for many people, the amount of sunlight a building receives is a contributing factor to whether or not they’ll buy or rent a space. This goes hand in hand with the colour palette we mentioned earlier. Natural sunlight makes a room appear bigger and helps with improving our moods.

As well as considering windows, consider doors too! In order to create a bright, airy space, you have to have an open design. Sliding doors for example, or even bifold doors are a great addition to have in any building, because they only act as a barrier, but they still have an open look and feel to them.

Storage Furniture

Following on from choosing the right colour palette, storage space is high on the list when it comes to designing a smart, minimalist office. There are 2 routes that you can take, open or closed.
What we mean by this is, would you like your storage space to be closed off from other areas of your office, which in return will require more room, or would you like to maximise the most out of your space and support an open storage space?
Open shelves for example, are ideal for adding folders and even decorations. It also makes it easier for workers to find what they’re looking for. The top tip here is to create the illusion of space. You achieve this by choosing taller furniture, preferably in a Scandi type style.
This is because the pale wood and sleek design and styles are perfect for minimalist designs. Have a look for yourself and try to tell us that we’re wrong! (We’re not, you’ll thank us later).

Design For Less

Creating a minimalist space is easy if you stick to simplistic tones, colours and designs. Simple is always better!