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How to Decorate with Wall Clocks

Puja Lalwani Mar 15, 2020
All it takes is a little creativity to allow a functional item such as a clock to become the focal point in a room, an object that can make a room dynamic, that can add life to it. Let's see how to use wall clocks for decoration.
Place it in a living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway; a gorgeous clock will make a great decorative as well as functional accessory.
Any clock can tell you the time, but it is only a few that can speak style. A clock is such a versatile object, and so dynamic. From tiny numbers to grand statement pieces, wall clocks have come a long way.
The use of clocks as accessories for interior decoration has scaled new heights, and people are now spending a good amount of time and money on choosing the right clock to pep up a dull area. The addition of a simple wall clock can transform a space completely, and here, we tell you how.

How Wall Clocks Can be Used for Decoration

You don't always have to invest in expensive clocks when, by just using a simple clock and placing it appropriately, you can add that 'oomph' factor your room is lacking.

Make it a Conversation Piece

Imagine this: you are seated across each other in a huge living room with a gorgeous mantelpiece, and suddenly, the conversation turns towards the huge clock you have placed above it.
Where did you get it from? How did you come up with the idea? It looks so elegant, so classy! Why haven't I thought of this? These are the questions bewildered admirers are going to ask a very flattered you. And you, just bask in the glory of your impeccable sense of d├ęcor.

Go Beyond Just the One

Regardless of whether or not you need to know the time in more than one country, it is a great idea to create some drama with a group of clocks on a wall. These could be of the same or different sizes, of the same or different style, place them symmetrically or asymmetrically; the choice is yours.
Go a step further by making a statement with vintage clocks in a predominantly contemporary room.

Use a Clock to Create Balance

A clock doesn't always have to be isolated. It can seamlessly merge with your artwork, provided you can achieve the balance it demands.
For example, this clock in the center fits in suitably, and creates an interesting focal point without stealing attention from the artwork.

Think Outside the Box

Definitely more cost-effective than a vintage clock or a contemporary piece, decals are the best option when you want something quirky, something rustic, or simply, something functional. All you need is a clock mechanism to go in the center of the decal, and you are good to go.
Consider using one in a room where you already have a good number of accessories, but still need the functionality of a clock with the touch of its decorative element.

Add Personal Touch to It

Why should you go buy a clock when you can take a giant canvas, do whatever you want to it (in the case of the image shown: use letters instead of numbers), attach a clock mechanism, and make it the focal point of the room?
The grandeur of this clock, by default, makes it the focal point of the room. In this case, avoid any other artwork on the wall; just use this giant clock instead. Place it off center. Not only does it add that quirk and style to the room, it captures attention that is very difficult to let go.

Place it Unconventionally

So, here's the difference. You don't hang it like a usual clock. You keep it: on a desk, on your mantel, on a chest of drawers, even on the floor.
There's the drama you were looking for all your life. There's the style element that is so unique and different that there's no matching up to it with any other accessory.

Break the Monotony of a Room

So, your room is following a theme-contemporary, rustic, vintage, etc. And all you want to do is showcase your sense of style in the room, which is not necessarily in sync with the theme that prevails. Simple! Use a clock that is in keeping with your style, and breaks the monotonous theme that's running through the room.
 This clock could have a funky shape, a vibrant, contrasting color, or it could simply be placed in a not-so-obvious-and-why-didn't-I-think-of-that spot.
One clock can serve more than one or even all of these functions. Just pick something you like, something that speaks your style, and something that will complement and contrast the room. You just can't go wrong.