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House Painting Cost Estimator

How to estimate the house painting costs accurately?
Omkar Phatak
'Painting a house' is a complex project as number of factors and arrangements need to be considered including finacial aspect being the most important.
Remember, always calculate the estimate as per the current market prices and other specifications. Also, make sure that you are paying a reasonable price and getting value for your money.

House Painting Cost Estimator Algorithm

Get the Tools for Calculation

Your house painting cost calculator algorithm needs some basic tools and information about painting prices. You will need a painting price guide which includes painting cost per square foot, for various types of paints. You'll need a calculator, a pen and a paper with aligned columns and a tape measure. Also, you'll need some patience and enthusiasm.

Decide Your Painting Area

Decide and finalize the area of the house that is to be painted. Then, on a paper, make columns for the length and breadth measurements of each wall and roof, to be painted. You will have to list other parts like windows and exterior walls separately. List each item and leave space for its dimensions (length & breadth).

Measure the Painting Area

The next step is to measure all the dimensions of walls and windows that you intend to paint. You can go one room at a time. Measure the length and height of every wall in the room in feet, using a tape measure.
Note down all the measurements carefully in the columns. Calculate for the total surface area by summing up the area for every room's walls, ceilings and windows if any. You may require somebody to help you out with the measurement part.
For an exterior dimensions, use architectural plan which will have the measured details of your house. You can use it to calculate the interior painting area's square footage too. Surface area to be painted can be calculated by using the formula - 'Area (in square Feet ) = Length (in Feet) x Height (in Feet)'.

Calculate the Painting Cost

Choose the color and quality from many house paint color combinations. Next step is to have the total square footage of your interior painting area, multiplied by the painting cost per square foot. That amount will be the rough estimate of pure paint cost.
There are additional labor charges that need to be added. The labor cost depends on the job volume of course. The labor price can only be estimated by discussing with the painting contractors. If you are adventurous enough and the job volume is not very high, you could paint your house by yourself!

Rough Painting Cost Estimate

Although, it's difficult to come up with precise figures, due to the high variation in quality, cost and type of paint, along with labor charges, here are some rough estimates. On an average, a high quality external paint will cost between $35-80 per gallon or more, a low qulaity paint will cost around $21 per gallon.
The cost of paint will only constitute about 20% of the overall painting expenses. The cost of about $150 to $250 per day will be for rented equipments such as rollers, ladders, scaffolds and other essentials. Rest of the cost will involve labor charges which vary as per the scale of the job and the time frame within which the work is expected to be done.
The expense for painting a single story, two or three bedroom house will be around $1,700 - $3,903. For more accurate estimates, it's best to contact your nearest paint contractor.
Getting your house painted is a huge exercise and if you want it to be just as you've planned, you need to put in your own efforts. Making a price estimate is mostly all plain old common sense and some school level math. Inquire with multiple paint contractors to get a reasonable cost estimate.