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Home Bar Design Ideas

Medha Godbole
Why go somewhere else for an elated cheer when you can have it all at home? A home bar is a perfect addition to your interior, ensuring that you're never too far from a drink. Doesn't it sound fascinating? So, go ahead and make one at home.

Preach Time

Drunk driving is a major reason for the occurrence of accidents. Well, an at-home bar can come to your rescue. How? The roads would be safer for others, no run-ins with the law, plus you aren't too far off from your cozy bed.
Your home speaks volumes about your tastes and preferences. Party maniacs need not restrict their booze to discs and clubs, but can extend their party lives by adding a mini bar at home!
Moreover, there are those who enjoy spending quality time at home, unwinding from the stress of their daily routine with a tall glass of their favorite drink.
A home bar is an elite pick for an elegant and sophisticated home decor. Be it a small cabinet or a part of your kitchen, or parlor, the size of a home bar is a matter of choice.
You can invite your buddies at home and you can also call your business clients and negotiate a few deals over sparkling cocktails at your place!
While designing a home bar is the first step to an excellent home decor; maintaining cleanliness in its cabinets and refilling the drink bottles on a regular basis is equally important.

Design Ideas for a 'Home' Bar


A small sideboard that is filled with all stuff required for boozing, an unused wooden cabinet that has shelves that can fit bottles and glasses―a home bar can be anything and everything you want. If space is an issue, this is a perfect plan to set up a bar.

The Shape of The Bar

Planning the shape and its placement is very important. Consequently, when you design a home bar, the structure and the shape comes first into picture.
You can have an L-shaped bar or even design a straight type of bar, which is the least complicated of all. A convenient feature of this is that it has room for fixing a sink on the shorter side.
You can even design bar at the end of the room, and its length spans the width of the room. Here, the storage of drinking bottles and glasses is mainly below the counter and four bar stools can be fitted well in a single row. You can also have a whacky 'Z' shape or oval shape bar.

The Style and Theme

You can design a wet bar with an inbuilt sink, which makes cleaning easier. Moreover, these bars have built-in ice machines and refrigerators, which add to the convenience. This can be planned in a contemporary styled kitchen.
To top it all, the best part about it is that you can also have a draft system, dispensing the coveted drink, especially beer.
You may try a rustic design, with wooden cabinets and a nicely carved wooden counter table. Again, style is what you are, so let that bar reflect your personality.
Similarly, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can have a theme of sports. On the other hand if you are interested in cars, have a bar resembling the design of a jazzy, futuristic car! That is, of course, if you have space and the big bucks enough for such luxury.

The Color

The color scheme of the bar should gel perfectly with the style and theme. Imagine how horrendous a rustic cabinet painted in blue or pink would look! Therefore, choose the color scheme accordingly.
For a contemporary look, (unless it is a very specific theme-based design) tan, mocha brown, black, red, chocolate, gray, and white are perfect. While choosing colors, have a pairing of neutral shades with a tinge of any bright and vibrant color.


Lights play an important role in setting the right mood. Think about your associates and preferences.
For a cocktail/dance party with friends, neon/funky lights would be apt. Hanging lamps, Tiffany lamps, etc., can be added in specific corners to set the desired mood or you can brighten up the room with contemporary neutral lights and chandeliers.

The Accessories

Sky is the limit as far as accessories are concerned, right from flat TVs to disco balls to pool tables, et al. The objective is to make that area inviting, relaxing, and full of fun, and people leave no stone unturned to create that perfect ambiance.
This is, of course, apart from the basic accessories such as bar stools, glasses, strainer, mixers, etc. You can also have neon signs and other type of light-inducing accessories.
You can arrange the glasses in a fancy and decorative manner. Hang them upside down or stack them in a row, clean arrangement will bring out the best of them.

The Drinks

Who said drinks do not come into the designs? Why not include them to get the overall bar effect.
So a few of the cocktails and other drinks that could give your guests a lifetime of experience could be Catalina Margarita, Rocky Point Margarita, Belgian Beer or ring in the 'cheerful spirit' with Bloody Mary or an innovative tequila shot! Flaunt your bartending skills to your guests by preparing fine concoctions for them!