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H-Frame Scaffolding System

Prime Steeltech India
PrimeSteeltech (India) pvt.ltd

Product Description

We offer Scaffolding Frames - Standard H Frame, Cross Bracing, Walk through Frames & Mason Frames.


1) User friendly operation
2) Longevity & Low Maintenance
3) High strength & performance
4) Robustness
5) Rust resistance

Product Range

1) Scaffolding H Frame
2) Cross Bracing
3) Walk Through Frames
4) Mason Frames

1) Scaffolding H Frame

These products have rigid welded frame of horizontal & vertical pipes.These pipes are interconnected by scissor type cross braces by the help of pins & spring clips.
We can customize these products as per the exact details provided by the esteemed patrons, which has helped us in attaining their maximum level of satisfaction.

Sizes of 'H' frames

Size (HxW) mm. -Self-Weight In Kg.

2000x1000  - 21.40

2000x1250  - 23.00
2000x2000  - 28.00
2400x1000  - 28.60^
2400x2500  - 30.35^

2) Cross Bracing

These products are manufactured by using 40NB medium or heavy class pipes that are sourced from the reliable vendors of the industry.


1) Verticals are made of 40NB medium/heavy class pipes
2) Horizontals are made of 40NB light/medium class pipes
3) 50NB socket or 38OD spigots are welded to connect 2 'H' frames vertically
4) Cross Bracings are made of 25/20NB medium/light class pipes

Sizes of Cross Braces

3) Walk Through Frames

The range of Walk through Frames is known for providing an easy access to human mobilization, with clear head room.
Ladder/Mason frames facilitate working platforms at various heights by fitting walkway planks horizontally.

4) Mason Frames

Extensively used for inside concrete supporting purpose,our standard quality Mason Frame consists of main frames, connecting pins & cross braces.


1) High efficiency
2) Optimal performance
3) Sturdy construction
H Frame Details