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Headboard Ideas for Boys

Aastha Dogra
If you are decorating a boy's room, these ideas will give you some unique, easy to make, and inexpensive options. Even a simple, well thought idea can change the entire look of your child's room.
There are a number of ways in which you can revamp your boy's bedroom. You can change the fabrics, get the room painted, or buy new bedroom furniture. However, if you have a low budget and are looking for inexpensive ideas to give the bedroom a lift, add a headboard to the bed.
Here are some ideas that will not put a dent in your finances, and yet, at the same time, give your boy's bedroom that much-needed facelift.

Basketball Headboard

You don't always need to build headboards, cause you can get the same effect by painting the wall behind the bed in the shape of a headboard, albeit in some amazing patterns. Usually, people go in for stripes or geometrical patterns for the 'painted ones'.
However, if you are game for some innovative designs, you can paint a basketball court behind the bed. To complement it, keep ball-shaped pillows on the bed. You may even hang a basketball net from the ceiling, right above the bed, to complete the decor!

Portrait Headboard

Another idea is to club together a number of photographs of your son, framed in equal sized rectangular frames and form a headboard with them. See to it that there is no gap in between the frames.
A good idea here would be to put up three colored and three black and white photographs of your son and arrange them alternately. Also, include different photographs showing him with his friends, family, on a holiday, perhaps attempting something goofy, etc.

Poster Headboard

You can make use of a large framed poster as a headboard. To add a bit of creativity, you can cut out a cardboard in the shape of a headboard, cover it with a cloth, and then stick a number of multicolored small posters and stickers on it.

Fence Headboard

Well painted picket fences make for beautiful headboards for beds.
Paint it in a lively color, which matches the decor, hang some small toys such as cars, bikes, key chains, etc., on it and you are done. To bring out the effect of the picket fence headboards, the wall behind the bed should be painted in a contrasting color!

Wallpaper Headboard

Get three kinds of wallpaper and hang the rolls as it is, behind the bed, without the frame, or anything. Or alternately, you can paste a wallpaper on the entire wall, from floor to the ceiling, on the wall behind the bed.
These days there are wallpapers especially made for boys bedroom with things like dinosaurs, vehicles, animals, world map, etc., on them. Such wallpapers liven up the entire bedroom decor plus serve as great headboards too!

Spaceship Headboards

If the room is small and you want to give the illusion of space to it, hang a large mirror behind the bed. Paint a large spaceship on the wall facing this mirror. The spaceship will get reflected in the mirror, thus adding an all together different dimension to the decor.
If your son is old enough, you can involve him too while making headboards and carrying out your interior decorating project. These designs may seem very simple, but they are sure to enhance the appearance of your boy's room like none!