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Comfortable Headboard Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni
A little creativity can help you change the entire look of your bedroom. You do not have to do much, just change the look and feel of your headrest. Rest assured, your bedroom is going to be much more comfortable.
A headboard is a piece of furniture, that serves as a backrest for those who love to read or watch TV in bed.
A headboard is one of the most elementary pieces of furniture that forms a part of the bedroom decor. Changing the headboard is sure to change the entire look of your bedroom.
Imagine retiring to a bed, from which you can stretch out and pick up your favorite book. Then, there are mesmerizing lights, embedded into soft cushions to create a comfortable ambience. The art lover, can choose to hang a favorite painting to make the headboard interesting.
You may love to retire every night to a bed that is exceedingly comfortable. Well, it's about creating a mini world, all in the comfort of your bedroom. Wooden headboards are so passé, especially when one has so many different options to choose from. Explore our ideas by clicking on them for more.
There's a magic and an aura surrounding headboards with lights. Those of you who hate getting out of bed in the dark for fear of stumbling, should vouch for such headboards which emit a soft light.
In a dark room, the light has a mesmerizing effect and can be implemented in children's room as well as your master bedroom.
Using curtains as headboards give bedrooms a simple, yet chic look, don't you think? You can make use of different sizes of curtains to make your headboard. It's a cheaper and better alternative to give your room a quick makeover.
Only ensure, you match the drapes with the curtains in the room, you can even match it with the furniture, to avoid a color disaster.
The benefit of using tufted headboards is that, you won't end up with a nasty bump on your head. Besides, your back will also get a cushioned rest every time you decide to read your favorite book, or sit relaxed with your laptop on the bed. Sounds comfortable, doesn't it?
Vouch for the leather tufts to go high on the style statement.
How about doing without a headboard and working on the wall instead? A little unusual compared to the other options that you have, you can bring your bedroom to life with an idea like this. Plus, it makes your room look ultra modern and chic.
Decorate the headboard with frames, it gives a whole new look to the room. A single big frame overlooking the bed is as good as a collage of smaller frames.
The choice is yours, you can settle for an uncluttered single frame or build your memories with numerous photo frames.
Book worms take note, this arrangement can be useful to you. A handy option for storing your books, these headboards make an interesting option.
To show the world how crazy you are about books, you can even try opening up your books, to the pages you love the most and get them stuck to the wall to have your unique headboard.
How about sleeping-in like Kings and Maharajahs? Create a style that is unique to you and use it to decorate your headboard. A nice way to get attention, is to do something that is unheard and not thought about.
These are some ideas for elegant headboards. Decide what suits your room and your personality best and go for it.