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Hanging Room Dividers

Bidisha Mukherjee Mar 10, 2020
A room divider helps to maintain privacy of a room and also makes it more versatile. Discover some innovative ideas about room dividers in this post.
Room dividers are of great help to define the separate areas of a room. You can use them to block the sight of your kitchen from the living room or to make a separate study area in the living room or create two separate bedrooms for the kids. Thus, you do not have to put up a wooden or concrete wall in the middle of the room.
There are so many different materials that act as room dividers. While choosing the right one for your house or office, you should keep in mind that it should compliment the interior decoration of that particular room. Here, we have discussed the most popular types of hanging room dividers:


This is the least expensive option available for you. It is mostly used when you want to divide one room into two parts and yet use them for the same purpose.
For instance, you can isolate the sleeping area of the bedroom from its surroundings with the help of a divider. When it comes to curtain material, you have several choices. Starting from expensive elegant fabrics for the draperies to pleated fabric, cotton canvas, plexiglass and so on. You can also get numerous varieties of designs on the curtain fabrics.
You should finalize fabric and design of the curtain that suits the interior design of the room. Curtains are very easy to install. A simple bar or rod needs to be installed near the ceiling and the fabric is hung from it.
In case, you wish to keep a cord for pulling the curtain on or off, then using a traverse rod will be better. You can keep the option of tie-back curtains where you can fasten the curtain with decorative tassels when you do not need a room divider.

Hanging Beads

A set of closely placed strands can be used for room division as it fulfills the need of privacy. It has several advantages.
It does not block air circulation and you get a sense of openness. You can conveniently open, close and move these hanging beads as and when required. Most importantly, you will get ample scope to make your own style statement.  Beads can be found in wide range of colors, styles, and materials.
You need not use only acrylic beads, but can also experiment with metal beads, shells, wood pieces and so on. I would suggest you to utilize your creativity to decorate the interiors with. Trust me, it fits well in all types of room decor, be it classic or contemporary.

Vertical Blinds

Many people prefer simple room dividers. In that case, they should go for vertical blinds. They are easily retractable and do not make much noise.
Vertical blinds can be retracted both vertically as well as horizontally. You can select the suitable one as per your choice or requirement. The louvers of the vertical blinds are mostly made of either fabrics or PVC. Fabric ones are preferable as they are noiseless.
If your room has very high ceilings and are not fit for vertical blinds, then you have to install a hanging strip first. It can be of wood or metal and the track of the vertical blinds have to be attached to it.


Those of you who are looking for an innovative room divider should use potted plants for this purpose. Collect some rare and exotic plants to give a personalized touch. Place the plants on wooden frames and hang these frames from the ceiling.
The vines of the potted plants helps to divide the room into two different sections. Moreover, these hanging indoor plants will improve the visual appeal of the room. You will also feel closer to nature every time you enter the area.
The hanging room dividers that we have mentioned in this article are lightweight. So, if required, you can carry them easily from one place to another without any hassle. Unlike, a standing room divider, there is no chance that these will get overturned and injure someone. Moreover, you can install them on your own without any difficulty.