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Hanging Bubble Chair Design Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan
One of the most innovative chair on the market, is the hanging bubble chair. This kind of chair can enhance your living space and make it look modern and chic.
Are you bored with your old furniture and want something new and stylish for your home? Then, how about purchasing a hanging bubble chair. The hanging bubble chair was designed by Earo Aarnio of Finland, and it has since then earned a lot of popularity.
This chair is innovative and modern and can be hung in any room, from a contemporary living room to a minimalistic bedroom or even a patio. It is a semi circular cove shaped chair that is attached to a long, sturdy chain which is then suspended from a ceiling.
This globe shaped chair is usually made of acrylic, polyethylene, and polypropylene and comes with silver or white cushions for comfort. Although the original bubble chair is quite expensive, there are also cheap bubble chair that are available in the market.

Hanging Bubble Chair Design

The hanging bubble chair is one of the most popular and preferred furniture piece of interior designers, since it imparts a modern and contemporary ambiance to any room. It instantly adds glamor to a room and the best thing is that it is very versatile too.
It is a cross between a chair and a swing and there are many different designs and styles of this unique chair. Most bubble chairs are made in a opaque plastic like polyethylene, but some manufacturers have a choice of colors like pink, black and blue.
While transparent plastic bubble chairs with colored fabric cushions are preferred at home; for a home office, pairing this piece of modern furniture with leather cushions or vinyl cushions is also a great option.
One of the best things about this chair is its ability to eliminate sound and noise. Also, its transparent bubble allows you to observe your environment. This chair typically comes with a six foot long chain and a snap hook to attach the chain to the chair. While installing it, care should be taken that the chain is attached securely to the ceiling.
You should also make sure that the chair is hung in a place where there is no other furniture or wall nearby. This is because when the occupant swings the chair, the chair might knock on the wall and furniture, which might dent or damage it. Moreover, at least 6 inches of space should be left from the bottom of the bubble chair to the ground as clearance.

Hanging Bubble Chair with Stand

This is another variation of the hanging bubble chair. The same materials are used for the bubble chair with stand, but the design is somewhat different. Unlike the hanging bubble chair which is designed like a swing and is suspended from the ceiling with a chain, this chair has a chrome or steel stand to which the dome structure of the chair is attached.
These type of chairs are used mostly in public libraries and lobbies of offices. If you are looking for home decorating ideas, then this unique and funky piece of furniture can make a welcome addition.
Many contemporary furniture stores offer bubble chairs for sale, and you can get them at a discounted price. It is a good idea to look out for such sales, instead of paying retail price for it. It is also smart to purchase a bubble chair with cushions so that you do not have the hassle of searching for matching cushions.
While choosing a bubble chair, make sure that you get an instruction manual on how to hang it from the ceiling. The bubble chair is a fun and modern piece of furniture and it is sure to look great in your home.