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A Guide to Buy a Fitted Kitchen

Cheryl Mascarenhas
The kitchen is essentially a workshop where you can be yourself. This just means that owning a dream kitchen is mandatory, and the easiest way out is to opt for a fitted kitchen.
Fitted kitchens, which came in vogue in the 1950s, have a design that is somewhat formal, allowing for maximum storage and counter space.
Families that enjoy a cookout tend to spend more time in the kitchen than others. Nevertheless, just about everyone desires to own a dream kitchen that is custom-made to suit their requirements. Investing in a fitted kitchen allows you to integrate your dreams with the space in hand.
After all, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms that make a house complete, and properly planning out the delegated space should be done using utmost care.
A fitted kitchen incorporates storage spaces, appliances, and other furniture into the layout of the kitchen. Being custom-made, each piece of furniture blends and merges with not just one another but also with the walls of the room as well, emphasizing a blended look. Given ahead are the pointers you should bear in mind when opting for a fitted kitchen.

Size Up

Ensure you measure up the floor space you have in hand before you meet the sales rep for your fitted kitchen. Having a basic idea of the layout will help you in the designing. Make a note of the ceiling to floor distance and the actual floor distance.


Think about the overall effect you want to achieve in your house when opting for a fitted kitchen.
Depending on whether you want a sleek and modern look for your apartment or a traditional, classic look for your home, the style is sure to vary. Give it a thought before you start talking to the designer about your style requirements.

Material Used

It is always good to ask a store personnel about the material used to make the backs and the base of the carcasses. It is best to reject a body made from more than 5mm particle board. Invest in a material that will not only last for a longer time, but also repel bugs and mites.

Quality Check

Before you venture out and make a grand purchase, we recommend that you thoroughly check the quality of the material used. Ensure you check the doors and drawers of the cabinet for a smooth finish inside out. Make sure the carcass (body) of the fitted kitchen is color-coded with the exterior.

Accessories to Match

Check door handles, hinges, and drawer sliders to ensure they are of good quality. Ensure the drawers slide in and out easily and do not require an additional push or jerk while opening or closing shut. Moreover, the handles and knobs should be secured properly and not be wobbly.

Drawer Dampers

Ensure the cabinet drawers and doors are equipped with drawer dampers or anti-slam systems that allow it to shut slowly and noiselessly. Anti-slam devices are popularly used in a high-end kitchen and can be added to fitted kitchen drawers and cabinets as well.

Integrated Appliance Slots

A kitchen that has everything in place looks neat which makes it more appealing. Hunt for a kitchen which comes with integrated spaces for appliances. It not only lends the room a clutter-free look, but also renders it open and spacious.

Built-up Carcasses

While choosing a kitchen, look for one that is delivered built-up rather than having to assemble a flat-packed furniture. It will save on assembling time as well as a buck or two.

Check for Hidden Costs

Before you sign the deal, ensure the accessories are included in the package. Make sure to ask the sales rep if the price mentioned is that of the basic unit or the entire kitchen before you make the purchase to avoid unnecessary shocks later on.

Get Professional Advice to Install

Do not forget to ask for advice if you are unsure of the installation process. Ask the sales rep for a helpline to guide you through the process.
Also, make sure you rely on professional help to install electric appliances, worktops, and sinks to avoid putting yourself and your family at risk.
Last but not the least, as a rule, do not fall for cheaper deals and models as these are sure to give you a run for your hard-earned money over a period of time.