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Great Add-ons for Kitchen Cabinets

Cheryl Mascarenhas
The best way to spruce up the look of your kitchen is to attach add-ons without making it seem cluttered. Take a look at some of the things mentioned here that will help declutter and accentuate the appearance of your kitchen.

Diligent Use of Space

Make use of the toe kick below your cabinets to store shallow baking pans, trays, or linens. To maintain a clean look, use drawer fronts that blend well with the rest of your kitchen.
The kitchen is not just a room where you haphazardly cook meals, but on the contrary, it is a place where you spend time not just thinking about your loved ones but also actually spending quality time bonding with each other. That said, the kitchen can be considered as the heart of an individual's home.
A cozy kitchen is always welcoming and beckoning even to visitors which is why immense care needs to be taken while planning the kitchen.
Your kitchen will look as good as new with a couple of add-ons like a free-standing island, provided you have the space to place the extra piece of furniture. If that is not possible, you can always invest in a pull-out shelf that will fit snugly between the wall and fitted oven. Here are some implementable ideas to spruce up your kitchen space.

Extend with Shelves

The best way to give your kitchen an uplift is to invest in an additional shelf that can be fixed onto or along the older cabinet. Give your kitchen an airy feel by adding counters at different levels instead of placing it in line with your kitchen counter.

Ease of Access with a Drink Station

Get an additional shelf fitted into your cabinet to store your stemware and glasses. You can also add a drink station or a dedicated wall-mounted cabinet if it goes well with your existing kitchen layout. Placing glasses on shelves will ease its access and add dimension to your room. You could also opt to install stemware racks under the overhead cabinet.

Accentuate with Under-cabinet Lighting

Lights play an important role in the overall appearance of the kitchen. Installing lights that fit flush with the underside of wall-mounted cabinets is the best way to dramatize your kitchen. Needless to say, your kitchen will be warm, full of life, and yes, well-lit.

Utilize Space with the Not-so-lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are known to reach inaccessible corners of your kitchen cabinet. You could very well fix one such cabinet into your existing model and utilize the space that otherwise goes to waste.

"Now You See Me, Now You Don't" Cutting Board

Hide your cutting board into the cabinet by installing a foldaway board into your kitchen. Opt for the variety that is sleek and comes with extension arms that bring it to the desired height and foldaway once you are done with your work, thus, making your kitchen free of clutter.

Store Essentials in Open-ended Side Compartments

While a huge cabinet is sure to take up more space, investing in open-ended corner cabinets is sure to give you additional storage space along with rendering your kitchen a stylish look. Alternately, you can opt for a pull-out wicker basket cabinet to house no-freeze vegetables like onions and potatoes.

Rely on Colorful Spice Racks to Save the Day

Breathe color into your plain Jane kitchen with colorful racks that can be used to store your spice bottles. Alternately, you can opt for an organized shelf rack that fits snugly into the cabinet.

Get Organized with Custom-made Drawer Organizers

Declutter your kitchen counter with these made-to-fit drawer organizers. You can fix pegs inside drawers that hold pots and pans to maintain them in place.

Seal it with a Wine Cellar

There's always space to fit a wine cellar into the existing cabinet. All you need is a little nook to make it appear one with the cabinet. You can opt for a corner piece or go in for a horizontal one with grooves to hold the bottle in place.
Besides the mentioned add-ons, you can also fix wall mounts to hold your phone or iPad in addition to an electronic jar opener, knife holder, etc., to your existing cabinet. Another option is to use the space below the sink to tuck away the sponge pad using a sink cab tip-out. Remeber to add power outlets under the cabinet for a neat and clean finish.