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Garage Interior Design Ideas

Bidisha Mukherjee Mar 6, 2020
Garage is not just a place for parking your vehicles, it is an additional wing of your home. If you use some innovative ideas, you can utilize its remaining space for many other purposes.
Most of us have the impression that nothing can be done with the space left out inside garage after parking the vehicles. So, we pile up all the broken, rejected items of our house in the garage. Thus, it becomes a neglected part of the house full of dirt and debris.
Though the fact remains you can utilize that space and convert it into something more than just a storage space for tools and rubble. Even if the area of your garage is not that large, you can organize things inside that garage and will be surprised to find that it provides enough room at your disposal.
The basic idea behind designing a garage is to organize things kept inside it to create some extra space and improve the overall visual appearance of its interiors. Prior to that, you need a little bit of planning. While doing so, the first thing that you have to decide is the budget for garage designing.
The purpose for which you want to use the garage is also important so that you get an idea about the primary requirements of the design. There are three different aspects which are the indispensable part of a garage.


Let us start with designing ideas for storage. A garage has a messy look as most spaces are occupied by useless things. To put them in order, you need good storage options. You will get enough free space in the garage for some useful activities. Garage cabinets, shelves, hooks, pegs, pegboards are some essential items which are needed for this purpose.
Fix up some J hooks to hang heavy garden tools like shovels, hoes, brooms and mops. Use a pegboard to put those tools which are required for regular use. Small hardware materials like nails and screws can be kept in jars of different sizes. Shelves have to be fixed on the walls to keep these jars and storage bins on them.
Cabinets are required to store chemicals and other liquid substances as they should be kept in locked condition for safety reasons. Hanging cabinets are preferable as they do not occupy any floor space. Cabinets made of laminated plywood looks very stylish and attractive.
However, if you are looking for cheaper option, then you can go for plastic cabinets. The biggest advantages of these cabinets is that they do not get damaged by water or rust and can be cleaned easily.


The options for covering floor is quite diverse. Starting from polyvinyl mats to rubber tiles to epoxy paints. Your choice for flooring should depend on the way you want to utilize the area. The cheapest flooring option is of course, the use of epoxy paints. Make some beautiful designs with the paint to enhance the look of the interiors.
However, epoxy makes the floor a bit slippery and hence should be used only if you do not have to walk into the garage frequently. Polyvinyl floor covering is good because it hides all cracks, holes and other defects. It can also offer protection from stains, grease and other dirt that are common enemies of the floor.
Rubber floor tiles is a soft floor covering that comes in various shapes and sizes and are easy to install. This is an ideal choice if your garage is exposed to high foot traffic as it can be cleaned very easily.


A door is at the frontal part of your house and gives the first impression about your aesthetic sensibility. Therefore, feel free to experiment with door designs. You can choose old style or contemporary style according to your taste and requirement. The materials can range from Mahogany or Cedar to glass panels to metal.
Steel garage doors with rollers are quite popular as they are not very expensive and low maintenance. For a more contemporary look, opt for glass doors. So, one can see your newly decorated well-maintained garage from outside.
If you do not want it to be visible for the outsiders, then select frosted or tinted glass for the doors. You can make the doors more innovative by adding some extra windows. This will add an altogether different look to it.
Next, you have the option to select the controller systems of the door also. It can be a chain drive, screw drive or computer controlled. Among these, the cheapest is the chain drive, but it will make a lot of noise. All types of door solutions have in-built devices for preventing closure when its path is blocked. Thus, they are safe to use.
Once you have modified the interior design, you will be pleased to get such a nice and sleek look of the much neglected garage. Now, you can use this empty space in many different ways. The most common use is as a workshop as you have all the tools available inside it.
Besides, you can convert it into a gym or playroom for the kids or for any other recreational activities. The space can be utilized for your home office as well.