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Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

Omkar Phatak
If you need to know what would be a reasonable cost of garage door spring replacement, this post will help you out. Here you will find a realistic analysis of the costs involved.
Car garages are modern equivalents of the horse stables of old! However, the comparison ends there. Unlike the stables, the garages are completely automated nowadays, with garage door openers and modern security devices.
The things that make the opening and shutting of garage doors possible are the indispensable springs. Every part of a machine has a limited service life however, and there comes a time when these springs need to be replaced at the earliest.

About Garage Door Springs

Springs are the components that make lifting of garage door possible by using the 'Spring torsion principle'. They come in pairs and are placed at the top of the garage door on both sides.
Garage door springs come in two main types. One type is called 'Torsion spring' and other is called an 'Extension spring'. Torsion springs are the most commonly used ones. The service life of a torsion spring is often quoted to be around 10,000 cycles. That gives you a total service life of six to seven years.
Every time a door is opened or closed, the hardened steel mechanism of the spring is stretched and there comes a time when eventually it gives over to the stress and fatigues out. When even one of the pair of springs is broken, it is standard practice to replace both the springs at a time. That is because, eventually the other one breaks down anyway.
The other kind, the extension springs; lifts doors through stretching action. Their life is also generally limited to six years. Both springs types cost about $40 to $100, if you go for brand new ones.
Inquire online, about the costs of these springs, according to the type and model that you have used in your door. That should give you an idea about the material cost, which would be a part of total garage door replacement cost or bill that is handed to you.

Replacement Price

Garage door replacement cost is depend on the material cost and the labor cost. This job involves a considerable amount of work and can be dangerous due to the intense tension exerted on the springs. That's why, it's better to let a professional handle it.
The whole replacement procedure begins with closing the door and disconnecting the garage door opener. Next the torsion springs need to be unwound carefully using rods and then removed safely by disconnecting. Then the whole torsion apparatus needs to be removed and new springs must be put in. The whole procedure can take an hour or two.
Normally, the total spring replacement cost is around $100 to $300. This includes the cost of spring pair ($40 to $130), transport fee and service fee. Anything charged above this should be questioned. Many times, these handyman recommend unnecessary replacement of other components that hikes the price. Make sure that only what is required is done.
One needs to understand when a price being offered by a handyman or a professional is beyond reasonable. You do want to let the man earn sufficiently but we are sure that you don't like getting ripped off.