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Funny and Humorous Doormat Quotes That Will Have You Laughing

Rutuja Jathar
A funny doormat can be a real stress-buster for guests, as well as those living in the house. Here are some really funny and humorous doormats quotes that will make you smile, and, of course, you can then get something similar for your front door.
Our family inside...not estranged, just strange!!!
Fun and laughter is an essential part of life. Laughter cheers up your mood, and the people around you as well. In today's busy working schedule and the quest for meeting deadlines, we just tend to ignore the funny side of life. Who has got the time to crack a joke and laugh? But to bust the stress out of life, sometimes, you have to find that time.
Ever wondered what a doormat can do to welcome your guests in good humor, or shoo off the unwanted ones? A doormat with a funny quote or joke written on it can solve this purpose. Doormats usually carry 'welcome' tags on them. Well let's change that a little!

Doormat Funnies

✿ We serve only expensive wines, did you bring any?
✿ Ask not for whom the dog barks, it barks for thee.
✿ It's beer:30. You are right on time!
✿ Please stay on the mat. Your knock will be answered in the order in which it was received.
✿ Never drink alone, ring the doorbell!
✿ We'd invite you in, but our life is already a mess!
✿ A mat with shell designs: I used to be Mat but now...I am Shelly!
✿ Leave it to the in-laws to arrive uninvited!
✿ Our other home is wherever we roam!
✿ Take one step back, explosively affectionate dog inside!
✿ Our dog is fluent in English, Afghan, Pekingese, Maltese, Pomeranian, and has a fairly good grasp of bull Shih Tzu.
✿ Yes we have a doorbell but our dog is very fond of knockers!
✿ Cover me, I am going in!
✿ I'm not your doormat!
✿ Got Beer? No...then go away!!!
✿ My name is Mat...Door Mat!
✿ Pardon the condition of the lawns. We are not raising grass, we are raising babies!
✿ You can always re-take a class, but you can never re-live a party!
There is a huge array of such humorous doormats that will make you laugh at least once, from the depth of your heart and make you appreciate the wild imagination of its creator.
You can select personalized floor mats with your name, family belongings, certain family specialties, or even famous quotes! So, next time when you go shopping, do look out for such funny doormats to spice up the entry to your house!

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