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Funky Painted Furniture Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan
While decorating home on a budget, it's not possible to spend money in buying new furniture. So, give your home a face lift, just make do with what you have got. Give a twist to your old furniture; paint them with different methods, so you can repurpose them and give them a new lease of life.
If your home decorating style is kitschy and colorful, then you need funky painted furniture ideas. One or two pieces of such statement modern furniture, and you can bet that they will become the focal point of the room.

Funky furniture ideas

Using Different Painting Techinques

Fancy yourself to be the next Martha Stewart? Hand painted funky furniture is the new style statement in interior decorating.
Painting wood furniture is not just about slapping on a coat of neutral paint color on your wooden chairs or stools. You can use your creativity to make colorful patterns and use different furniture painting techniques like sponge painting, stenciling and decoupage to give your old furniture a completely new look.

Renew the Old Furniture

If you have a piece of furniture like an old dresser, a tallboy, a nightstand or chest that has seen better days, but has a great design or a lovely shape, then there is no need to throw it away.
These furniture can be made into stunning pieces by some funky painted furniture ideas.

Giving a Modern Touch

Traditionally, colors that were considered suitable for painting furniture were ivory and off white.
But today you can choose any color that you like, from canary yellow to fuchsia and from electric blue to emerald green. To make a place look modern and futuristic, you need colors and patterns that will draw your eyes instantly to these painted furniture.

How to Make Funky Furniture

Before you embark on a furniture painting project, you need to first evaluate the piece of furniture. If your wooden furniture piece is a couple of years old and needs repair, then it is a good idea to do all repairs before you paint it.
If the surface of the furniture is glossy or is covered in old stains, varnish or color then you need to first sand it down lightly with a good quality gritty sandpaper. After you have finished sanding the entire piece, take a clean flannel cloth or tack cloth and wipe down the furniture.
Make sure that you remove every bit of sawdust from the furniture. If any sawdust remains on the surface of the furniture it will just ruin the paint job.
Next apply a coat of primer with a foam roller to give it an even look. Apply a second coat, when the first coat has dried. Now we come to the funky part in furniture painting.
One of the easiest painted furniture ideas is to take two contrasting colors, say a turquoise and lime green and paint the furniture in stripes.
To do this, all you need to do is cover the furniture in industrial grade masking tape at every 2 inches and then paint it in lime green.
Allow the paint to dry and remove the masking tape. Carefully apply the turquoise paint color with a two-inch foam brush on the unpainted area.
One of the best painted furniture ideas is to do stenciling. Just place the stencil on the furniture and use masked tape so that it stays in place. Now paint a color of your choice over the stencil or spray paint it.
Spray painting furniture is one of the easiest methods of painting any piece of furniture. When the paint dries, remove the masking tape and you have got yourself funky hand painted furniture.
All you need to do is apply your creativity to convert your old piece of furniture from drab to fabulous.
When you come up with hand painted furniture ideas, always make sure that your choice of colors are complementary. Too many clashing colors will make the furniture look messy and amateurish. So, now that you have some furniture painting ideas, bring out your paints and have a great time transforming your drab old furniture to funky and contemporary pieces.