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Flat Screen TV Cabinet Plans

Shashank Nakate
Flat screen TVs are all the rage these days. There is so much variety and so many choices to be made, it's mind-boggling. Building a sturdy cabinet for your flat screen TV helps in not only keeping it safe, but also giving it a grand look.

Did You Know?

While different types of woods can be used for making cabinets, oak wood is preferred by many for its sturdy and strong qualities.
Flat screen sets are available in varied sizes―from the small to those which are large enough to cover an entire wall. Many people prefer to mount these directly onto walls, while others place these on wooden cabinets.
Here is a simple, yet extremely sturdy cabinet plan for a wall-mounted TV. This is a really simple plan that does not require the use of fancy materials and high-end gadgets and can be carried through with minimal efforts.

Building a Cabinet

Materials Required

~ Wooden Planks, 12 (sizes according to the TV size)
~ Hinges, 2
~ Door knobs, 2
~ Magnetic catches
~ Nails
~ Hammer
~ Adhesive

Bringing the Cabinet Together

~ Start by measuring the dimensions of the TV. Add 2 inches to the width and height. These are the dimensions of the cabinet box.
~ Next, measure how far off the wall the TV hangs and add 2 inches to that. This will give you the depth of the box.
~ Start building the cabinet box from the back. Measure and cut the pieces of wood (as shown in the image).
~ Join the pieces together with the help of nails and glues. This structure will form the interior perimeter of the box as well as the nailer for the cabinet.
~ Next, cut out planks in the desired length (as shown) to make the main frame of the cabinet. Cut the pieces to the desired depth and cross cut those pieces according to length so that they are able to fit around the back. Make sure that the sides cover the top and bottom. Fasten these pieces together to make the sides of the box.
~ Next, attach the back to the side of the box.
~ Measure the front portion of the box and cut a half inch sheet of wood to match the size.
~ Cut this sheet into 4 equal sections and lay them down next to each other.
~ Attach two doors to the frame with the help of piano hinges so that they are able to swing out.
~ Next, attach the other two doors to the previous doors so that they are able to swing in.
~ Once this is done, the doors should be able to open and fold in so that they require less room.

Front View of the Cabinet

~ Fit in magnetic catches to keep the doors shut.
~ While the doors will swing on their own, you can fit in door knobs to simplify the process of opening and closing.
~ Once the cabinet is ready, paint in a coat of poly, let it dry, then sand it, and apply a final coat.
TV cabinets play an important role in enhancing the interior decor of a drawing room and in keeping the television set safe. With the plan mentioned above, you can go on to create your own cabinet from the comforts of your home.