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Floor Tile Design Ideas

Manali Oak Feb 20, 2020
Facing difficulty choosing the best floor tile design for your house? Well, it's important to think before you choose, as the flooring is one of the most important aspects of the home interiors. If you are considering a tiled floor, read on. Here is a collection of floor tile design ideas for different rooms.
While wooden flooring or carpet tiles are a good choice of flooring for a living room, linoleum is one of the most recommended options for the kitchen. Stone and carpet are good choices for the bedroom flooring, while the use of ceramic tiles is well-suited for bathrooms. There are some basic criteria to be considered while choosing floor tiles for any room.
The choice of flooring for bathrooms and the kitchen should be based on factors like resistance to stains, water, and the ease of cleaning. Aesthetics and comfort are of prime importance when choosing floor tiles for the living room or the bedroom. Bright colors can be used in the kids' bedroom, thus adding vibrancy to the room. Cool and soothing colors are better-suited for the master's bedroom, where comfort and elegance are of importance.

Floor Tile Design Ideas for Different Rooms

How do the floor tiles in your room look? Do they look old and tired? Perhaps, you have been walking over them for quite some time now and they need replacement. You must think of installing new floor tiles and give a new look to your rooms. Here are some floor tile design ideas for the different rooms of your house.

Living Room

Usually, your living room is the area where people get together. In some homes, the living area serves as a formal reception room while in others, it is treated like a family room. It is the face of your house and so, it should reflect your personality, taste, and social status. Wood flooring is a good option for the living area. You can also think of laying carpet tiles or ceramic floor tiles in the living area. Be it any kind of flooring, the tiles should be of muted colors and not appear very glossy.


Some of the points to consider in choosing floor tiles for a kitchen are ease of cleaning, stain-resistance and durability. You should also remember that most of the work in a kitchen is done standing and the kitchen is one of the most-visited areas in the house. So the kitchen floor tiles should give you that comfort of walking.
Linoleum and bamboo floor tiles are a cost-effective option for kitchen floor tiles. Linoleum tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and textures and are easy to install. Bamboo flooring tiles give the room a stylish look and make a durable and environment-friendly floor tile design idea.
There is a wide range of ceramic tile design ideas for kitchens. Decorative and artistically painted ceramic tiles look great, but they can be hard on the legs and cold underfoot.


A bedroom is your place to retire after a tiring day. It is where you cuddle up for a good night's sleep or an afternoon nap. Hence, coziness is of utmost importance, when it comes to designing your bedroom.
Natural stone tile designs are a good choice for your bedroom floor. Stone tiles are available in different colors and designs and they give the bedroom a luxurious look. You can mix and match the tiles to create a unique floor tile design for your bedroom. Available in many colors and patterns are also a great option for bedroom floor tile designs.
If it is about laying flooring in the children's room, you can have some bright-colored floor tiles installed. They will add to the cheer in the kids' room.


Bathroom floor tile design ideas have a direct impact on the appearance of the bathroom interiors and the maintenance your bathroom flooring needs. Resistance to water and stains are of prime importance in case of bathroom floor tiles.
While choosing bathroom floor tile designs, you can go for decorative tiles with floral patterns or ceramic tiles that blend well with the fixtures and furnishings in the bathroom.
You can choose solid colored ceramic tiles and add different colored tile borders, or choose a grout color that contrasts the tile color, thus creating an interesting floor tile design.
Bright-colored tiles with graphics will give the bathroom a contemporary look, while soft colors will give it a romantic appeal. Terra cotta and hand-painted tiles can be used to give a Mediterranean look to your bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles - A Yes for any Room!

Ceramic is quite a popular material in flooring. The many user-friendly features that ceramic offers, is the reason behind its popularity as a floor material. It requires no ceramic tile dealer to tell you that ceramic tile flooring is cost-effective and almost maintenance-free, and that it gives you a wide range of designs to choose from.
Yes, ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness are the striking features of ceramic floor tile designs.
All these tiles require, is regular cleaning, and they are cost-effective in the sense that their installation costs are higher, but maintenance costs are almost nil. Also, ceramic tiles suit almost all kinds of home interiors; they look just as good in any area of the house. Moreover, installing them is hassle-free.
Doing the ceramic tile installation by yourself is not very difficult, and thanks to the variety in these floor tile designs, you can be flexible in choosing the one that suits your home best. So, if you are planning to install ceramic tiles in your house, don't think much; just bring your ceramic floor tile design ideas into reality.
Come to think of it, flooring is an integral part of your house and floor tile designs, a vital component of interior designing. Floor tiles bear the weight of all the furniture in your house. They tolerate your 'stampede' without uttering a word. All you can do is care for them, give them the treatment they deserve, and grant them the right to look beautiful. And that you can do, with the use of some good floor tile design ideas.