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Fireplace Surround Ideas

A simple functional fireplace can easily turn into a work of art with the right surround. The surround not only makes the fireplace look attractive, but also provide certain safety benefits.
Smita Pandit
This makes the choice of materials a very important decision. The material used for making the surround must be able to preserve warmth, and also keep the flames from burning the surrounding areas.
If you are amongst those who think that the function of a fireplace is restricted to creating a warm and cozy ambiance, you surely need to take a look at some of the creative designs that interior designers have come up with lately. While a fireplace is basically an architectural structure that warms up a place, a decorative frame or a fireplace surround makes it an artistic design element or an attractive focal point of a room. If you leaf through lifestyle magazines, you will certainly come across many interesting plans.
However, homeowners need to use their aesthetic sense to sift through many fireplace surround ideas and find a design that complements the decor or the design theme of their home. It is pointless to get a surround that doesn't go well with your home decor.
Well, there certainly is no dearth of design elements that can be incorporated in a surround. Marble, brick, wood, granite, concrete, stone, and tiles are some of the materials that can be used for designing a surround.
First, you need to select the design and take the measurement of the fireplace. It is very important to ensure that the fireplace mantel and the shelves fit well. You can even have the surround custom-built.
Just make sure that you comply with local building codes. Though you might have to shell out more for such surrounds, all you need to do is explain the design to these professionals. The finished product will look exactly as you had visualized.

Design Ideas for Fireplace Surrounds

First of all, you need to ensure that the design complements your home decor. The material must not clash with the texture and color of the flooring or walls.

Traditional Designs

Victorian style fireplace mantel and surrounds that are made from rich wood will certainly work well for traditional homes. Pine and birch could also be used for a natural and rustic look.
In fact, wooden surrounds made from poplar, cherry, oak, pine, or maple are very much in vogue these days. These can be used both, in traditional and modern homes. A wood surround made from oak will certainly create a sophisticated and elegant look.
Brick or stone surrounds can also be used to impart an old-world charm to your home. You could also use stone veneers or have cultured stones stacked in distinctive patterns.
Mantels and surrounds that are made from natural or cultured stones are usually liked by those who are more inclined towards traditional interior designs.

Contemporary Designs

If you have incorporated contemporary interior design elements in your home, you should definitely use a modern fireplace design idea. Granite and marble can certainly enhance the interiors of a modern home.
Travertine is a great choice if you want to create a formal and subdued look for your fireplace. Carved marbles can successfully create a rich look, but marble surrounds can be expensive. The combined use of various design elements will work wonders.
Multicolored tiles and mosaics can be used to make the fireplace a visual treat. A combination of dark wood and travertine stone tiles can certainly create a world of difference.
Ceramic tiles also provide endless options for creating distinctive, colorful patterns, and decorative borders. Slate tiles or concrete has also emerged as a viable option for homes that are styled as per contemporary designs.
The interiors of your home say a lot about your sense of style, so use these design ideas to convert your fireplace into an attractive focal point. You can also use mirrors, ornamental appliques, decorative columns, or lighting to further enhance the look of the fireplace.