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Feng Shui Wind Chimes

Puja Lalwani
Feng Shui and wind chimes have a long association, as the use of specific Feng Shui wind chimes is known to enhance luck, wisdom, a stagnant career or relationship, and fame.
Feng Shui is a wonderful science that is known to cure people of bad fortune, health, wealth, and relationship problems. People who are depressed, unhappy, lazy, and face troubles in their career, can all resort to this to enhance the quality of their lives. Among the many objects and elements used by Feng Shui to treat such conditions are wind chimes.
Wind chimes, also known as magical bells, are known to add to the energy levels of a space, and at the same time are known to repress overactive energy levels that may be wreaking havoc in your life. However, the use and placement of specific magical bells differs based on the purpose you are using these for.
Here, we talk about these factors and tell how you can use these magic bells to enhance the quality of your life, based on the principles of this science.
Some magic bells are energized, and are available only with qualified consultants and masters. However, more often than not, regular wind chimes in themselves can be used. They should only have some specific properties.
  • For one, they should be hollow.
  • Secondly, they should be in the number 5 (representing the 5 elements and used to suppress negative energy), or 6 to 8 (to increase positive energy).
  • The element of the space in which you use them, should coordinate with the material used to make the magic bell. For this, you should refer to the bagua map, which will tell you about the element that corresponds to a sector in your house. While most are metallic, you may use wooden, bamboo, or ceramic magic bells, based on the sector.
For instance, southeast sector of your house corresponds with fire, so using a wooden wind chime here is a good idea, as wood fuels fire and increases name, fame, and prosperity. Do not use metal in a fire sector as fire deforms metal and that may affect you badly.


~ Since these magical bells are known to enhance energy levels and productivity, you may use them to help with depression and laziness.
If you find yourself feeling sluggish, depressed, and lazy, placing a 5 rod wind chime in the center of your room will help alleviate this feeling, and have you geared up and charged to face anything that comes your way.
~ If you have dark corners in your room, then using wind chimes in those corners will repress the negative energy that such dark corners emit.
~ According to the principles of Feng Shui for wealth, having a door facing another door (particularly front door) results in the quick outflow of any energy and wealth that comes your way. As such, placing a wind chime between these two doors is a good way to ensure that you reap all the positive energy coming your way.
~ Use hollow wind chimes in the northwest sector of your house to attract mentors and friends who will influence and enhance your career.
Utilize the power of Feng Shui for love by placing magic bells in the southwest to eliminate stagnant 'chi' or energy, and attract love and enhance relationships.
~ The north sector of the house is known to be slightly weak, because of the lack of light in this area. Placing a wind chime in this area will help activate the suppressed energy in this area, and will boost any problems associated with the learning capacity of children.
~ Wind chimes placed in bathrooms also help repel any negative energy there. For instance, bathrooms situated in the north or the southeast sector of the house can hamper your growth and development. Placing them in such bathrooms will remove all obstacles and help you grow.
Again, when utilizing the principles of Feng Shui for bedroom or your house to deal with any problems, do consult a qualified consultant before you apply any of the aforementioned principles. It is a very subjective science that differs for every individual.
If used in an incorrect manner, it can cause more harm than good. As such, when you decide to use these magic bells, ensure that you have all the positions, placements, and types of wind chimes you use checked before you do so. Good luck!
Disclaimer: The tips given in this piece are general in nature and do not intend to replace the advice of an expert on the subject. For more specific tips, it is advisable to consult a certified Feng Shui expert who will be able to provide you with an in-depth space analysis and prescribe the necessary changes.