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Feng Shui Tips for Your Baby's Room

Shweta Ajwani Mar 15, 2020
It is a parental instinct to want 'the perfect life' for your baby. You wish for your child's prosperity, peace, happiness, and overall well-being. It is amazing how the incorporation of feng shui in your baby's room can not only do all this, but more. So, here are the best feng shui tips for your baby's room.

Feng Shui...

... relaxes the mind, releases physical strain, purifies the soul, and ensures the presence of a good feeling in any surrounding. When introducing feng shui to your baby's room, rely on your sensory responses to materials and positioning of objects to radiate positivity, re-energize the room, and create a tranquil aura.
To the parents, nothing is as important as the smile on their child's face and its state of well-being. A child means the world to its parents, and it goes without saying that they would do anything for its happiness. The length a mother would go to, to ensure that her baby is brought up in the best of surroundings cannot be measured.
A father leaves no stone unturned to make sure his kid receives the best education, gets to play top-notch games, wears the most beautiful clothes, and is endowed with everything that he couldn't have for himself when he was his child's age.
Materialistic satisfaction is important, but so is the satisfaction of the mind and soul. When kids are young, their parents create a life of harmony and perfection for them. Their upbringing is characterized by the parents instilling values and qualities in them, which later help them in looking out for themselves.
Feng shui is one such tool, which when incorporated in a person's life, not only adds elements of balance, harmony, peace, tranquility, strength, and positivity, but it also enhances the way of life and ensures its betterment.
Whether you are an expectant parent who is out on a mission to design the best nursery there ever was for your cute little bundle of joy, or you are redesigning your seven-year old's room, introduce these simple, yet most effective feng shui tips into the design. The strength and aura that feng shui generates is extremely positive and re-energizing.
This positivity is sure to rub off on your kid, making him/her at peace with himself/herself, and striking a balance with the surroundings and the universe. Construct your baby's room keeping these feng shui nursery tips in mind, and gift your child a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.

Pay Attention to the Location of the Nursery in the House

If you are yet to build a nursery for your baby, contemplating about its location in the home is the first thing you should do.
According to feng shui, the most ideal place to have your child's nursery is anywhere at the front of the house, but secluded and free from any noise or disturbances. Avoid building it over or under a garage, or facing the street, as it is symbolic of the baby being weighed down by looming structures, or being bothered by the noise from the street.

Make the Right Choice of Material for the Furniture

Always choose wood over plastic for the furniture in your child's nursery. as per the feng shui, wood is one of nature's five elements that it uses to create harmony. It stands for growth, nourishment, betterment, and flexibility.
The cradle, tables and chairs, and wardrobes should preferably be wooden to maintain a positive environment in the nursery, and ensure the baby's growth.

Make the Right Choice of Colors

Colors play an extremely important role, and can affect your child's behavior, sleep patterns, and eating habits. Feng shui suggests having the walls and furniture painted in white, as it instills creativity.
Other pastel shades, like light pink, that calm and soothe the senses can also be opted for. 
Light blue, light green, and light yellow are known to stimulate peace, growth, and intelligence respectively. Opting for bright red or deep blue are related to qualities of high energy and excitement. So, when used, these colors can cause insomnia and disturbed sleeping patterns in your child.

Keep in Mind the Position of the Crib

The crib is where your baby spends the most of time. Place it in 'command' position―a place from where they can easily see the parents entering the room, and experience security and belonging.
Never place the crib behind the door of the room, as this obstructs flow of positive energy, and can have a negative impact on the baby. It is also a good feng shui practice to place the cradle against a wall so that the baby feels supported in the absence of its parents.

Light Up the Room

When it comes to light with feng shui, nature's element of fire comes into play. Fire is associated with enthusiasm and exuberance.
To ensure that the baby remains active and is brought up with a positive, excited, and inquisitive approach towards everything, make sure the construction of the nursery is such that it allows sufficient inflow of sunlight during the day, and the room is well-lit during the night to eliminate darkness.
Make sure that the room is ventilated, and has provisions for cross ventilation as well. This ensures that the room does not stagnate, gets rid of negative energy, and is continuously rejuvenated with fresh and positive energy.

Minimize the Use of Electric Appliances

Minimize the use of electric appliances in the kids' room. Excessive use of baby monitors, telephones, video cams, and air conditioners cause electromagnetic energy to get in the way of good feng shui, thus interrupting chi, and creating a negative environment.
If any electronics must be introduced to the baby's room, make sure they are kept away from the baby and the bed at all times.

Clear the Clutter to Ensure 'Chi' Flow

Ideally, the door to the nursery should open and shut without any obstruction. This ensures uninterrupted flow of positive energy or 'Chi' into the room. Keep the room as free from clutter as possible.
If the nursery is going to be doubled up as a play area as well, zone out the room by placing appropriate and minimal number of objects in each zone. Make sure the two zones don't clash, as this interrupts chi flow.
Maintain well-defined storage places for toys and books so that they can be stashed away when not in use, leaving the room clutter-free and buzzing with chi.

Ensure Movement in the Room

Movement in the room can be ensured by playing soft music or lullabies, hanging pictures on the walls that depict movement, or hanging rattles from the center of the ceiling or the center of the crib.
It is also a good practice to switch on the fan which allows the air in the room to keep moving, thus preventing the atmosphere from getting stagnant and still. Movement is necessary to ensure activity and prevent sluggishness or idleness in the baby.

Added Tips

1. Mirrors are symbolic of negativity, and so, should not be introduced in the baby's nursery.

2. A family photograph on one of the walls gives the baby a feeling of security, maintains a bond between the parents and the child.

3. Maintain a separate zone in the nursery where the baby can have enough space to move and play in. This ensures good health.
Feng shui is not a magic wand that will swish away your kid's health problems and swash away your baby's eating disorder. Neither is it a magic potion that will cure diseases or prevent your child from falling or scraping his/her knee.
It will, however, create a nourishing environment for your baby, attract good energy, and orient your child towards positive energy, which can be channeled towards a life of quality, peace, good health, and better living.