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Feng Shui Products and Their Significance

Buzzle Staff
Feng Shui products have been a subject of fascination for many because of their appearance and supposed properties. Feng Shui products are said to bring luck, prosperity and peace when placed at the advised positions in and around the house.
All of us have an inherent desire to be bestowed with the best things that life has to offer. But life is not a bed of roses. There are times when we have to face challenges and problems.
Ancient civilizations believed in certain art forms to turn dangers and bad luck away. One of them is Feng Shui. Mentioned ahead are some products that are used in feng shui which promise peace and prosperity. Have a look.

Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha symbolizes the ideals of good life which are health, happiness, prosperity, and longevity. Rubbing the stomach of the Buddha each day is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
While placing a Buddha ornament, it is important not to place it on the floor or near the fireplace. Doing so is a sign of disrespect.


The dragon is used to bring abundance, prosperity, and good fortune when placed in an office or home.
Considered to be one of the most powerful feng shui symbols, they are used as guardians for protection. Their real power is enhanced when they are made from high quality China jade, gemstones, ivory, and fine porcelain.

Bagua Mirror

It is used to balance and move chi, and stop secret poison arrows from harming you and your family members. Extremely powerful, these are never used indoors. The ideal place to hang a bagua mirror is above a doorway.


Coins are used to increase luck and bring prosperity and happiness. The coin is circular in shape with a square in the center. The circle represents heaven and the square represents the earth, so the coin shows unity between both heaven and earth.

Bells and Chimes

Bells and Chimes are used to correct the negative effects of harsh sounds, like traffic and dull noises and bring balance into our lives.
These healing tones also release the blockages present in our body, mind, and spirit, thereby helping us stay calm and healthy at both the physical and mental level.

Prayer Flags

The colors that the prayer flag is made up of and the symbols printed on it create a prayer or offering, which is distributed to the world by the wind, creating auspicious circumstances.
Prayer flags are a perfect method of bringing a dash of sacredness to a home, garden, or a special place. Prayer flags when hung high up raise chi to a surprisingly high level.

Bamboo Flute

TheseĀ are used to raise Chi (universal energy) and counter discordant elements or energy. It is beneficial to hang them in pairs on overhead beams. The flute gives out a soothing sound which acts like the energy field for your desires.

Money Frog

It is used to attract wealth, luck, prosperity, and longevity. The money frog is usually placed near cash registers or in wealth corners. You could also place it inside your front door facing inwards. This symbolizes money coming in from outside.

Sacred Elephant

The statue of the sacred elephant is considered a symbol of good fortune. It can be placed in the office or home. The elephant is one of Buddha's sacred creatures, thus in Buddhism, the elephant is considered a celestial animal.

Feng Shui Guardians (Fu Dogs, Pi Yaon and Chi Lin)

These statues symbolize prosperity, good luck, and a peaceful life. The Fu dogs, Pi Yaon, and Chi Lin are mythical creatures said to keep people with bad intentions at bay.


Crystals are used to cure. Using crystals increases the balance of 'yang' energy which results in greater energy flow and life force. The crystal that you possess should be kept clean in order to protect you from negative vibrations. Crystals that speak to you or that you feel drawn to are the ones you should select for best results.


Also used to cure, mirrors are used to deflect negative away and reflect something positive into the environment. The typical mirrors used in feng shui are round or octagonal in shape.

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are symbolic of love and attachment. They are said to form a strong attachment with their partner, hence they are also regarded as an emblem of conjugal fidelity. Displaying them in a pair at home keeps love alive.

Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Bamboo stalks are used to bring luck, happiness, wealth, and longevity. Lucky bamboo arrangements are designed to contain all the five elements of feng shui- earth, water, wood, fire, and metal.


The turtle symbolizes longevity and a life full of happiness. The turtle is an animal which is sacred to China. A turtle can be placed at the back of the office or in the garden too.

Gold Ingot on Base

This product is a symbol of wealth and material prosperity. The Ingot on base has been made in such a way that it lasts a lifetime. The shape is an auspicious design.

Incense Burner

The incense burner removes stagnant and malignant energies, thus, promoting flow of beneficial 'chi' to the environment. Widely used in various cultures and spiritual traditions, the aroma it spreads is considered to be close to our higher etheric vibration.


Auspicious Double Carp Good Fortune Hanger: This hanger is used to bring good fortune and marital bliss into the home.

Double Horse Success Hanger: The horses in this hanger are symbolic of endurance, courage, and speed.

Prosperity Coin Wealth Hanger: As the name suggests, this product is ideal for attracting wealth at home, office, or business.


OM and Ourboros Necklace: It is used to remind the wearer of the continuity of life and the balance required to achieve all things in it.

Prosperity Necklace: It is to be worn to attract money and abundance into your life.
Balance Necklace: It is to remind you about what you have been blessed with and attract more joy into it.

Seeds of Change Bracelet: Worn around the ankle or wrist, these bracelets represent various aspects of life and living from protection to love and enlightenment.
These were some feng shui products that can bring bliss and calmness in your life. Hope this information is useful to you.