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Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Scholasticus K
Exterior paint is a very important and integral part of the house, and adds to its beauty. However, to beautify the house externally, one has to select the appropriate exterior paint color combinations.
Exterior paint color has to be chosen very carefully and with a lot of care as it reflects our taste to the outside world.
Hence, I would always recommend that you choose the exterior color paint combinations according to your choice and preferences. To choose appropriate paints, one has to consider many different factors.

Factors to be Considered

While choosing the appropriate color combination, one has to keep the following guidelines in mind.

- Location of the house
- Building material that has been used in the construction
- Size and structure of the house
- Peripherals of the house like patios, decks, etc.
- Schemes and combinations

Location of the House

The first and foremost factor that one must consider while selecting the exterior paint color combinations, is the location of the house. By the term location, I mean the region where the house is situated and also the plot where the house is built.
If the house is located in an urban region you could use neo-classical colors, and make the house look pretty modern. This would help it blend with the environment, and also tends to be very catchy.

Building Material

The exterior color paint combinations have to be chosen on the basis of the material that has been used in the process of construction. The three primary construction materials can be wood, stone and bricks.
While choosing the appropriate color combinations, one can choose colors that suit the schemes of the construction materials used. For example: in the houses that are made up of bricks, we can often spot that one side of the house has nice brick work of light red and the other side is plastered and painted with colors that correspond to that of the brick.
In case of houses that are made up of wood, you need to choose the exterior paints that are resistant to weathering and also tend to protect the wood of the house.
While choosing the exterior color paint combinations, one must also be conscious of the factors such as the size, structure, style and architecture of the house. It is very important that one considers the architecture of the house as the feel and combination of the paints should correspond with each other.
If the house is an old styled house, then consider putting vintage colors and shades on the house. On the other hand, if the house has a modern architecture, select the paints that are bright yet simple.
While choosing the color combinations, one must also consider peripherals like the patio, deck or the deck of the swimming pool, etc. The exterior color paint combination that you choose for the rest of the house must also be valid and should correlate.

Schemes and Combinations

Exterior color paint combinations are basically made up of two or more color and related shades.
For example, you can paint the whole house in a creamy white color with a small tinge of gray in it and then paint all the other peripherals like the decks and patios in a different shade of gray, that is a bit darker. To magnify this effect you can also paint the other shades in a deeper and darker shade of gray.

Common Trends and Tips for Color Combinations

There are some common trends or styles in which the exterior paint can be selected. The architecture and surroundings of the house matters significantly when it comes to selecting paint combination. Hence, you will have to take those factors into consideration.
This is a cool idea which is used by several people. Simply put, the entire home is painted using only three different colors. Now it is important that the three colors are not related to each other nor should they be 'shades' of each other.
The first color should be of a lighter shade. The second one should be deeper and should be shades of colors such as red or orange. The third one should be darker, such as dark green, black, dark gray or navy blue. This color combination tends to be quite catchy.
Now, where you use the three colors is totally up to you. However, it would be better to use the combination as per the surroundings of the house and the architecture.
Now this one's quite popular for older, bigger homes, especially the ones which are typical suburban homes. The trick is to pick one light-colored, white-tinted shade such as a very, very light yellow, and another similar one, preferably white itself to paint the house.
This one is also common among sub-urban homes. One dark color such as bluish gray and another light one such as white are used in combination. In such cases, depending upon the combination and the environment, one can paint the roof and windows in one color and the remaining house in another.
Bricks and stones which appear on the exterior of several old-styled homes definitely look nostalgic. Further more, using proper colors and shades, makes it look even more nostalgic. The best classical or old-look.
The major part of the exterior walls, you can paint in white of in externally light yellow or a light creamy shade of white. The roof can be either white or gray. Deep dark red, not the bright one, can also be used to paint the roof.
The windows (including shutters), if made out of wood can be polished brown and varnished. The same goes for the doors. You can also consider painting the windows and shutters in darker shades such as dark green or dark gray.
The merit of the white color is that the color tends to be neutral and catchy both at the same time. White can be used with any other color and in any combination.
Features of the house such as window ledges, pipes and drains, the vertical edges of the roof can be painted in white to add a pleasing effect to the house. If you are painting a bungalow, you can typically use the white color with a better effect.
One of the best options that you can try, while going about this task, is to purchase a set of small trial packs of the shades of the same color. You could also go in for some home exterior ideas on the Internet while planning for the color combinations or home decorations.
Paint a small patch of the wall and then decide the color and shade that you like the most. While choosing the right color combination, try to imagine the whole house in the shades of the color that you like, try it out, it works brilliantly even when you are painting the house.