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Patterns in Euro Pillow Shams

Rutuja Jathar
Euro pillow shams make the best decoration for customized bedding. The European Sham is the pillow covering for a large square pillow that is typically the first layer against the headboard, then you arrange your Standard/Queen-size shams or King-size shams.
Pillows, mattresses are an important part of home bedding. We use covers to increase the pillows' durability and keep them clean. However, this purpose of cleanliness is somewhat sidelined at the advent of various interior decorating trends. It is the reason why we have a variety of covers, shams available for making the home bedding even more interesting.


A pillow sham is nothing but a decorative pillow cover. Unlike the regular one, it opens in the middle portion of the back side through which one needs to slip the pillow in and then overlap both sides so that the entire portion gets covered.
As we know, pillows are available in a number of sizes like, king size, queen size, standard size, travel size, and Euro or European size. Amongst all these types, square-shaped Euro varieties are the largest and shams that are used for them are called Euro pillow shams. Ideal size is 26 inches x 26 inches, but you can use customized ones too.

Patterns and Ideas

Checkered pillow shams

Satin pillow shams

Heart-print pillow shams

Dotted-print pillow shams

One can choose these decorative covers for all kinds of home decor themes, including bedroom, living room, and even patio decor. Since these patterns are used for large-sized pillows they are often used in the background of smaller types. You can either use one of the accent covers or use an ensemble of various sizes with a similar design.
For instance, if you are thinking of using a black pattern in your black and white bedroom design, then make sure that you sparingly use white shams or other sizes. You can also replace black shams with white ones without disturbing the contrast.
The reason to give this instance is the need to emphasize on contrast that one needs to maintain while using this form of interior décor.


Handmade pillow shams

All that you may need is a sewing machine, thread, needle, a pair of scissors, some embellishment, and fabric of the desired color and design. First of all, measure the pillow. Once you are done, add 1 ½ inches in all sides and cut the fabric. You can either make this sham like regular covers or keep a vertical opening at the back.
To make a vertical opening at the back, you need to lay the fabric with the printed side facing you. Then, bring up the fabric from the left side and fold it in the middle. Repeat the same on the right side. This will create a vertical line on the back of the fabric. Now, sew both bottom and top size of the folds.
However, make sure that you do not join the vertical line (gap) that remains between the two sides of the fabric. Now, before sliding the pillow inside, you can do patchwork or embroidery on the front side. Once you are all done with decoration, then get the printed side out and cover the pillow with it!