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An Empty Nester's Guide to Space Management

Buzzle Staff
If your kids have moved out of the house, you are probably left with a lot of extra rooms. Here are some ideas for what to do with them.
In this economy, it may be hard to sell a house that has gotten too big for you after your children have moved out. Until you are able to downsize, it might be a good idea to redesign some of those extra bedrooms. This can not only make you happier in your home, but can also add value to the house for when you are ready to sell it.
This is also your chance to get exactly the house you've always wanted. Once you start thinking of those rooms as usable space rather than extra space, you might even find that you are happier with all that extra space than you would be in a smaller setting.

Office Space

Many people are starting to work from home. Whether people are telecommuting or have left their jobs for whatever reason and are pursuing a career from home, they need a space to work.
When kids are in the house, that can be difficult, but when the kids move out, it's your chance to get that home office you've always wanted. Having your own space to work can be essential to doing a good job from home.
This can be your oasis, and your way of separating work from home life.
Creating a home office is easy, too. All you need to do is paint the walls with your favorite color, and get a great desk that you can work at all day long.

Reading Room

Similar to an office a reading room can be an oasis as well. If you have a lot of books, grab some bookshelves and install them in one of the spare rooms.
Organize your books however you choose, and then research some great, comfy reading chairs.
Papasan chairs and recliners are great additions to a reading room, but you might also consider having a sofa or loveseat, as well. These larger couches can be great for stretching out with a good book when you don't want to curl up with a cozy blanket.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts like sewing, creating jewelry, designing greeting cards, etc. are time-consuming and space-consuming. If you have ever tried to start a craft, you know how much space the materials can take up, and how difficult it is to organize everything.
Creating an arts and crafts room can help store and organize your stuff. Extra bedrooms are great for this because they have closets where you can store materials, but you will still have the whole room to do your crafts in.
For this room, all you need are some stackable plastic storage tubs for your materials as well as a table that will allow you to do your work. Spend some time organizing your materials as soon as you move them into the room, and they will stay organized for a long time.

Big Bathroom

If you have the money and want to do some renovations, it is possible to turn a small bedroom that is adjacent to a bathroom into one, big spa bathroom.
Having big bathrooms can be a great selling point to your house, and you can enjoy it immensely before you sell it. In a bathroom this big, you can have whatever you want because you'll have a ton of space.
You can have a free-standing shower with a whirlpool tub. You can have his and hers sinks. You can have a separate little room for the toilet. Whatever you want, you can fit it in.