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Doorless Shower Designs

Puja Lalwani
Doorless showers are perfect for small bathrooms that tend to enhance the feeling of claustrophobia because of the use of enclosed shower cubicles. Here, we take a look at some unique designs to help keep your bathroom looking spacious and classy with doorless showers.
The latest trend doing the rounds in the world of bathroom remodeling and designing is that of doorless showers. These showers provide you the luxury of a designated (in some cases partially enclosed) bathing space without the presence of doors that tend to make you feel cornered.
In fact, it is one of those walk in showers that can be designed with a specific walkway towards them, that otherwise makes them invisible.

A doorless shower does for you what a shower cubicle will also do for you.
However, what you must know is that a design element to these showers can add immensely to the visual appeal of your bathroom, and give you a comfortable bathing space and privacy without making you feel claustrophobic.

Tips on Designing Doorless Showers

~ The entrance to your doorless shower must have a lip (at least 3-4 inches in height) to prevent the water from spilling out into what is called the dry area (the area with the wash basin and the WC).
If the shower is to be used by a disabled person, then this detail can be eliminated simply by creating a slope in the flooring towards the drain, or a tile drop, so as to prevent the water from flowing outside.

~ The entire shower area should be a minimum of 3' x 3' to ensure adequate movement while showering.
~ The use of tiles all over the walls, as well as skid-proof bathroom flooring tiles within is extremely essential.

~ Though shower curtains are not essential for doorless shower, they may be used as an interesting additional element to enhance the design.
~ Since the shower area is open, shower heads should be placed on a wall opposite which there is another wall. This will prevent the water from going outside the shower area. You may also opt for rain showers, i.e. big shower heads, that provide the experience of showering in the rain.
~ A doorless shower should be designed in such a manner as to prevent draughts of air from entering the shower area while someone is taking a shower, that can tend to make the person feel cold. Simply put, it should not be directly in front of a door, or in line with it.

Design Ideas

Design 1

If you are smitten by the idea of a glass enclosure for a shower area minus the door, simply put up glass partition to demarcate the area. The glass may be clear or you may jazz it up further with stain glass, or other frosted glass patterns.
Another way is to create shower enclosures with glass blocks, that not only provide privacy, but also give you the effect of glass without having to use a large piece of glass itself. Use multicolored glass blocks to enhance the appeal of the doorless shower. You could also build a half height wall, and cover up the remaining portion with a sheet of plain glass or glass blocks.

Design 2

To make your shower area more attractive and appealing, create a walkway towards it with tiles different from the ones you have used in your bathroom. It gives a mysterious appeal to the whole idea, and will make the task of taking a shower delightful.
If the space in your bathroom allows you, litter the space with a few plants, to give your entire bathroom a refreshing feel. If you do not have the luxury to create a walkway, simply demarcate the area by using a different type of flooring in the shower area; no doors, no partitions, yet you maintain the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Design 3

Instead of going for a simple and straight wall to demarcate the doorless shower, enhance your overall bathroom shower design by creating a curved wall, if the space in your bathroom permits you to do so. A circular enclosure, or simply one that tapers initially but spaces out further inside will make the shower area more enticing.

Design 4

Use different materials to make your designs more elegant. For instance, for a rustic appeal, use tiles that match up to this style and ensure it runs through in the entire bathroom decor. For this style, it is best to have an entire wall to enclose the shower area instead of using glass.
For a more modern look, glass is the perfect choice. For an elegant appearance, mix and match some ceramic tiles in solid colors, and create a wonderful design. Highlight just one wall in a specific tile, and ensure you don't use it anywhere else within the shower area. You could also use marble for maximum appeal.

Design 5

Create a bench within the shower area, simply for the purpose of luxury, or for those with disabilities. This of course is possible only if you have enough space within the shower enclosure.
Doorless showers serve as great elements of design for small bathrooms as well as larger bathrooms, and how they are designed completely depends on the kind of luxury you are used to. Use these design ideas to create a small little paradise within your bathroom, and enjoy the delightful experience.