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Different Types of Tap Designs

Amruta Joshi
The tap comes with a soothing handle that reduces the water spillage.
1. Pillar Tap
2. Sensor Tap
The sensor taps are used in giving the houses and hotels a luxurious look.
These come with a flexible neck that can be useful for quick cleaning.
3. Wall Mounted Taps for the Kitchen
The tap design includes a tap for both hot and cold water, as well as a shower tap.
4. Bath Taps with Shower
The combined tap design for bathroom and basins is an ideal match to your home.
5. Mixer Tap
The tap with a design of European style and lamp shape is much antique.
6. Retro Black Home Tap
This brass tap gives even the normal areas a luxurious look.
7. Contemporary Taps for Kitchens
With the internal fitting of ceramic, the tap is well designed to fit any kind of home.
8. Spout Thin Square Kitchen Tap
The tap is given a completely golden outlook and the tap is easy to clean and maintain.
9. Gold Bathroom Tap Design:
The taps are now also available in wooden material that makes your decor complete.
10. Designer Home Base Sink Tap
The bath shower mixer taps add to this decoration with some retro touch.
11. Unique Bathroom Taps
The tap with a pillar cock along with an aerator which makes it quick and safe to use.
12. Traditional Tap Design
These home base bath tap designs are much uncommon with modern designs.
13. Modern Bath Tap Design