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Different Types of Plywood

Amruta Joshi
Softwood Plywood
This type is typically used for exterior frame sheathing, roof sheathing, and sub-flooring.
Hardwood Plywood
Hardwoods are best for things like furniture, packing cases, sporting equipment, musical instruments.

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Aircraft Plywood
Aircraft plywood is the highest-grade, the most durable type of ply, and it can also resist heat and moisture, used in airplanes, boats.
Tropical Plywood
Tropical plywood is superior plywood due to its density, strength, evenness of layers, and high quality.
Decorative Plywood
Decorative plywood is made of hardwood, used for interior design purposes.
Flexible Plywood
Flexible plywood is a single layered ply, produced for making curved designs.
Marine Plywood
This type of plywood is one high-graded plywood in the market. It used mostly for outdoor furniture and decorative pieces.
Exterior Plywood
Exterior wood is mainly used to provide a strong, sturdy frame for years to come.
Lumber Core
Lumber core plywood is made with layers of hardwood and softwood.
Overlaid Plywood
This is a stronger and more durable than traditional plywood, used in indoor decoration.
Structural Plywood
You can use structural woods on the inside or outside of a building.
Other Plywood Types
Other types of plywoods include fire-retardant, moisture-resistant, sign-grade, and pressure-treated, used for furniture.