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Different Types of Indoor Flower Pots

Reshma Jirage Feb 4, 2020
Indoor flower pots can be a beautiful addition to your home interior. Nowadays, flower pots are available in a variety of attractive shapes and colors. You may opt for earthen, plastic or metal pots as per your choice.
If you are a nature-lover, then indoor garden becomes a crucial part of your home. The green plants grown in the decorative indoor flower pots give an artistic look to your living room. You can select from a huge range of flower pots that come in variety of sizes, shapes and colors. You may opt for DIY indoor flower pots with innovative ideas and creativity.

Ceramic Flower Pots

Ceramic flower pots can be a perfect choice for the plants that need dry soil. You will find ceramic pots in a variety of shapes and colors. You may get many attractive designs in ceramic pots in the market.

Clay Flower Pots

The clay pot is the most commonly used container for indoor plants. It looks attractive and its porous nature makes it ideal for orchids, bromeliads, ferns and succulents. Clay pot is suitable for big plants. However, its drawback is that it needs frequent watering and is difficult to clean.

Flower Pot with Saucer

Some flower pots come with a saucer placed under the pot. These pots have small holes at the bottom, from where excess water flows out into the saucer. This water can be re-used by the plants, as required. Some flower pots come with a water reservoir providing automatic watering system.

Plastic Flower Pots

It is most commonly used material for plant pots. Plastic indoor flower pots are strong, lightweight and easy to clean. They come in attractive color range to suit your interior d├ęcor. Due to their inert materials, plastic pots are considered ideal for growing plants.

Metal Flower Pots

They are available in traditional or contemporary style and brilliant colors. They are highly durable, waterproof and suitable for big plants. You may consider lightweight material like stainless steel for indoor use. However, many metals may rust over time. So, you may consider aluminum containers that are lightweight and rust-proof.

Wooden Flower Pots

Wooden flower pots give the most natural look to your home interior. Available in a wide range of amazing designs and colors, wooden flower pots become an unbeatable choice for your living room. Most wooden pots are pressure-treated and ready-painted, so need very less maintenance. They are lightweight with good water retention ability.

Indoor Flower Pot Holders

If you want to fit more plants in small space, then you may opt for flower pot holders. The flower pot holders are made up of materials such as wood, cement or metal. They are available in beautiful shapes and colors. One flower pot holder can hold a single or many pots.

Railing Flower Pots

Railing flower pots give a great look to your deck. They are lightweight, durable, available in a variety of colors and materials like plastic or metal. These low-maintenance planters are easy to install with detachable hook. They are perfect for growing flowers, herbs and edible veggies.

Planters for Vertical Garden

Vertical garden planters make a great choice for those, who have a limited space and little time for gardening. These metal or plastic planters can be easily installed on the walls or windows with detachable hook. They are suitable for growing herbs, small annual plants or perennials.

Box Planters

Box planters are perfect for gardening in small places. You can choose from a variety of planters with different designs and material like clay, wood, metal or plastic. Box planters are suitable to grow small herbs as well as big plants.

Hanging Flower Pots

Hanging flower pots with fresh green plants make an exclusive addition to your living room, balcony or patio. These pots are made from light-weight material like plastic or coconut fiber. These elegant pots can be a perfect gift for the plant-lovers on various occasions like birthdays or Christmas.