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Different Types of Doors for Your Home

Amruta Joshi
Paneled Door
The frame of the door is made of wood and the shutter panels from wood and plywood.
It comes as a great alternative to wood. The frames can be constructed out of angles, Tee etc.
Metal Door
PVC Door
PVC is used for making home items. PVC doors are anti-destructive, light-weighted, moisture resistant.
Flush Door
A flush door is smooth, having plywood over a wood frame which is relatively light. This type of door is used most frequently.
Bamboo Door
Bamboo doors are water-resistant, rust-resistant, termite resistant and are environmentally friendly.
French Doors
These doors are held on the hinges, set up on each side of the opening. They provide a  luxurious look to the house.
Glass Door
Front doors made of glass give an elegant look but are expensive and also need effort to upkeep.
Aluminum Door
Aluminum doors can withstand tough conditions. They remain unaffected by termites and hence, are long-lasting.
Timber Door
It is widely used for manufacturing doors or windows.
Fiberglass Door
Fiberglass doors are considered steady as they do not twist and also have great visual appeals.

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Sliding Doors
These doors give an aesthetic appeal. Such doors are used in offices, elevators, in patios and even to divide rooms internally.
Bifold Doors
A set of doors, these are hinged together and fold into each other.