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Attractive Decorating Ideas for a Living Room

Khushnuma Irani
A living room is a place in your home that defines your status and also makes a strong style statement. The things you use to decorate your drawing room should, thus, be chosen with utmost care. Here are some ideas for decorating the most stylish space of your house.
Decorating a room can either be a nightmare or fun experience, depending on your perspective of decoration. Enjoy decorating but do not go overboard. What is important is to find a balance and create a room that is inviting, relaxing and lovely to look at.
If you want something completely new, then remodeling the room entirely, with a theme, is a good option. You can have a modern, contemporary, colorful look, or choose to give an antique or rustic feel to the room. There are many options to choose from once you decide on the theme.
On the other hand, if you do not want to remodel entirely, try adding a few accessories or pieces of furniture that can change the look of the room. These accessories can be anything from a simple bookshelf, brightly colored furniture, or even a decorative clock.
Here are a few designs and options for a complete remodeled living room, as well as ideas for decorating with accessories and furniture. Take your pick!

A Few Ideas

A Cozy Corner

The image shows the excellent use of the wooden focal wall adjacent to the long window that uplifts the design of the room. The subtle leather furniture with the low coffee table and side table add to the simplicity of the room.
The light-colored furnishings make the room appear big, neat and also brighter. You can use this design when your room is small and you don't have too much space to experiment.

Go White

If you are confused over the right color combination for the lounge room, then play safe with white. White sofa sets when combined with the wooden coffee table and the floor lamp make the room look brighter and spacious.
The spacious look is furniture-enhanced with the use of an in-the-wall bookshelf and wall unit. The USP of the room is the hanging white lamp! It gives a finishing touch to the room.

Contemporary Feel

If you have a lot of space in your sitting room, then this is a good design idea for you. The bold mix of black, red and white just lifts your mood. All naked walls with just a big wall clock is the USP of the room.
The black-colored sofas are well-complemented with multicolored cushions. If you want to sit and have a cozy chat, this room invites you to do just that! And with no television set, your chats will be uninterrupted!

The Good Ol' Days

Go back in time with this 'rustic feel' front room design. The antique furniture and the brilliantly placed lights give a 70s' look!
The light color of the drapes complements the light-colored scheme of the room. The USP of the room, for me, will be the chandelier. Go ahead, switch off the lights and let the room be lit with the brightness of the chandelier. Anyone for a candid candlelight chat?

Twist in the Tale

If you are looking for a makeover to your current living room, this design can help you. The addition of the soft-colored accent wall and colorful cushions make all the difference to the otherwise neutral-colored room.
The frame that is added to the accent wall is the focal point. You can hang a painting or a unique piece of art. The decoration is kept minimum, with just the indoor plant and hanging lights used.
Now, if you just want to redo your lounge room without changing a lot of things around, you can accessorize it with the following decorating items. Choose the one that you feel is the best for your house!

A Few Accessories

Wall Units

Adding this piece of furniture to one of the walls will give the room a new look that you might be on the lookout for! You can choose from the smaller unit to gigantic ones that fill up the entire wall.


If you love naked walls and would not like to add too many decorative pieces to them, then add a fine-looking clock to one of the walls. Clocks act as great focal points. Apart from these ideas, my other personal favorite is the "Grandfather's clock" that gives an antique feel!


How about flaunting your collection of books using these stylish bookshelf designs? Add it to one of the walls of the room and notice the drastic change it brings to your room!

Candle Holders

Want to get romantic and looking for that perfect setting? If your answer is in the affirmative, then add lots of candle holders to your front room! Not only do they create the perfect romantic atmosphere, but are pretty looking as well. Get them and get cozy.


These lovely hanging lamps are a great addition to your room. They act as a great source of alternative lighting. Place it over the coffee table or near the wall unit or right at the room entrance. Choose the best from the whole lot of designs available.


The most highlighted piece of furniture in the living room is the couch! The best way to redo your room will be to change them.


Curtains add a new definition to the room. While selecting, consider the lighting factor. Darker curtains block lights and sheer ones let in a lot of sunshine. Curtains are available in different fabrics. Ensure you select the right color, else you may completely ruin the look of your room.


What can be the easiest and an economic addition to your living room? Cushions! They are available in different shapes, sizes, and fabrics as well. Get the ones that complement the sofa set in your room.


Adding lamps (table or floor) will let a particular corner of the room brighten up and also add the "beauty" factor to it! You can go with the same styled lamp like your other furniture or you can mix styles together!


A fireplace addition makes the room spacious, and if you have a big room, then you can cover the unused spaces in the room with a fireplace.
You can check out garage sales and auction sites online, and do not forget to raid your grandmother's attic for some great finds! Go ahead and decorate the room as per your taste.