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How to Use Curtains as Room Dividers

Deepa Kartha
Curtains are not meant to only adorn windows. Curtains covering doorways look elegant and gives complete privacy to the room. It provides you a secure place when you have guests seated in the living room. Thicker curtains can be gathered to avoid anyone getting entangled in them.
Curtains adds life to an dull space and enhance the look of the room by dividing the space. This helps when you want to create individual spaces and you are actually facing a space crunch. A simple curtain hung across the room also create a personal space in an spacious apartment.
The benefit of using a curtain as a room divider is that, you can move it around as and when you wish. Besides, a curtain does not hinder the ventilation, as well as the light from streaming in, as all you got to do is gather the curtain at one end and tie it up.
A curtain benefits those who face extreme space crunch, like those in a dorm, as well as those making do in studio apartments. What a curtained partition in a room does is, it creates individual spaces on either sides, which works well in such situations.
Let's check out how, we can use curtains to partition one room from another.

Curtains Covering Doorways/ Passageways

In case you do not have lot of space, suspend the curtain on a rod that spans the length of the room. It will help you create your own personal space, in the area that you wish to separate.
We advise you to go in for the ceiling-to-floor curtains to create a complete barrier. Another great option is, making do with partial dividers that cover a part of the area that you wish to separate, thus avoiding making the room appear stuffy.

Curtains Cordoning-off Beds

In dire situations when you face a space crunch, you can cordon-off your bed with a thin curtain. By this you can keep your private space completely covered from wandering eyes. Besides, a curtain running along the bedside makes it an even more interesting.

Installing the Drapes

You should start by taking measurements of the area you intend to put the partition. Measure the length of the room and the height from the ground. Once this is done, make pencil marks at either ends and drill holes into the walls.
With the help of a screw gun, tighten the screw through the rod holder. Use a hook at the center of the room to keep the rod in place. Cut the dowel rod so that it fits into the holder perfectly. Suspend the drapes using curtain hooks or loops.
As mentioned earlier curtains help enhance the look of the room and breathe life into it, with these ideas I hope you see why. Besides, curtains are cost-effective means to get a partition in a room that was otherwise too stuffy or that lacked personal space. Feel free to redesign your house with these ideas.