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Cottage Decorating Ideas

Priya Johnson Mar 10, 2020
A nice, comfortable cottage is everybody's dream house. For some, it's the perfect retreat. Decorating a cottage in a particular style not only brings out the beauty of the place but also makes it more welcoming. There are various cottage decorating ideas we can use to do up a cottage. Some ideas are discussed in this story.
Have a cottage that you want to do up, want the décor to look special. Well, there are many cottage decorating styles to choose from, which will not only give your cottage that stylish look but also make it your favorite place to dwell blissfully in. Cottage decorating styles have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and scores of people are resorting to various cottage decorating styles to spruce up their homes.
These styles are perfect for doing up old cottages, as they give the same cottage a whole new look and feel. There are several styles to choose from and depending on the style chosen, the colors, furniture, fabrics, etc., will follow. The style of the cottage also reflects the personality of the people living in the house, so before you pick a style, make sure it complements your personal style and fashion quotient.

Swedish Cottage Decorating Style

The Swedish decorating style has been influenced by the weather of Scandinavia. The Scandinavians face long dark winters, which is why they try to brighten up their interiors as much as possible.
They choose light, fresh, and airy colors like white, light blue, light yellow, light green, pale turquoise, soft gray, etc., all of which aim at keeping the indoors nice and cheerful, despite the dark, gloomy outdoors.
The furniture is kept sleek and simple, often painted in light shades to accentuate the airy feel. However, bolder colors like red are used intermittently to balance the airiness. Sometimes the stairway is painted in red, or a red chest or carpet is placed in the room.
Mirrors also play an important role in the Swedish style, because they reflect light into the room, thereby making it look more spacious.

French Cottage Decorating Style

This decorating style is casual yet sophisticated and comprises rich and bold shades, such as red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.
These vibrant colors are a part of the French style because they represent the natural colors found in the French landscape.
To achieve a classic French look, plaster can be applied to the walls. French country decorating fabrics and linens comprise Toile, Calico or Chintz.
Toile has an old-fashioned look, traditionally available in a color combination of white with one singe dominant color such as red, blue or black. French country style furniture could be light and painted, or dark and natural. The flooring will be mostly of stone, natural wood or tile.

Rustic Cottage Decorating Style

Among the cottage decorating styles, this style is something most people wish to have. Rustic cottages are characterized by deep, woody décor.
The wood used in this type is rough and unfinished in appearance, with the furniture being oversized, casual, and comfortable.It is the unfinished, imperfect wood that gives the authentic appeal.This style involves natural outdoor colors only.
Shades which are not found in wood naturally are not considered. Unpolished granite, plank flooring, flagstone, and slate are excellent choices for the floors. For the fireplace, one should make sure that the opening is large with a stone hearth and wooden mantle.

English Cottage Decorating Style

When we think of an English cottage, the first picture that comes to our mind is that of a warm, comfortable, cozy little cottage.
The English style of decorating a cottage would be that which incorporates earthy tones like deep brown, orange, green, and yellow such that a person feels invited the very moment s/he steps into it. Elements of wood, stone, and even metal to some extent are used to adorn an English style cottage.
The furniture has to have a cozy, antique, and rustic look, for which oversized pieces of antique furniture would be perfect! Worn-out pieces of adornment, like lamps, coffee tables, and shelves, are required to bring out the style. The overall appeal of an English style cottage has to be 'simple', without much flair to it.

Beach Cottage Decorating Style

The beach style is easy to achieve and is all about giving the house a clean and breezy look, so as to impart a clutter free, serene, and relaxed atmosphere.
Decorating the cottage in a beach theme involves bringing the elements of the beach within the walls of one's house, such as the soothing blue shades of the sky, pale turquoise shade of the water, the white shade of the fluffy clouds, and the natural brown shades of sand. The walls should be painted white or any shade from the beach color palette.
Wallpapers with designs of palms, shells, and sailboats would add a lovely touch to the rooms. Shells can be used to adorn lamps and mirrors to accentuate the beach theme in the house. The flooring has to be natural, and the furniture style should be casual with slipcovered couches and chairs.
You can choose any style for the cottage in keeping with your tastes and preferences. Often people get intimidated thinking of all the additional costs they have to incur because of a specific style. However, styles can be implemented without having elaborate furnishings. It's all about using what you have, and making it look nice by synchronizing everything in the house.