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Composite Decking Cleaning Tips

Composite Decking needs regular cleaning.
Composite Decking Nov 28, 2019

Tip One - Hose Down your Deck

Fit your hose with a variable spray nozzle. This will loosen and remove any surface debris from your composite deck.

Tip Two - Getting Down and Dirty

Using a mild soapy solution and bristled brush, scrub areas of 1m x1m and then rinse with clean water. Tedious, we know, but necessary to get the job done properly!

Tip Three - Applying Pressure

While pressure washing may not generally be suitable for composite decking, it’s acceptable when washed down on the lowest pressure level. Keep the hose at least 8” from the surface area. For added benefit add a fan and soap dispenser.

Tip Four - Stubborn Stains

Clean stubborn stains and accidental spills ASAP. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Tip Five - Four Seasons

For good looks and longevity, clean your composite deck and undertake any necessary maintenance work with every seasonal change.

Tip Six - Maintenance is Key

If you take care of your composite deck it will last you 25 to 30 years. Composite decking is insect and weather-resistant but regular maintenance is your key if you want to enjoy decades of service.