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Colour Psychology in Interior Design

Ever wondered the effect of colours have when it comes to interior design? Are you the one to go for a colour scheme that is bold yet unique?
Abbie Faulkner Mar 27, 2019
We all have a basic understanding of colour palettes and schemes when it comes to interior design. Neutral colours are always a win, whereas dark colours ...not so much!

But, have you ever thought about the psychological effects of colour in interior design? Well, you're about to now!

Psychological Phenomenon

Colour is an extremely powerful tool in interior design. It has the ability to affect our mood and productivity, as well as provide other mental benefits.

What kind of impact do you want your home to have? What colours are you considering to use?


Many colours can be separated into 2 types – Warm colours and cool colours, and both of them are quite self-explanatory.

Warm colours are also known as saturated colours, and these consist of red, orange and yellow. They’re known to evoke feelings of happiness and passion.
Cool colours feature blue, green and purple. These are mostly associated with peace, calmness, and harmony. It’s key to focus on what kind of atmosphere you want to create within your home, as colours play an essential role.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Colour for Your Room

  • How long will you spend in the room? What kind of mood are you wanting to create?
  • How much space does the room have? Do you want to make it appear larger?
  • How much natural sunlight will the room receive?

Meaning of Warm Colours

Red - Red is a positive and popular colour that is known for it's energy, passion, and love. It is, however, known for being an aggressive colour. Red is used mostly in kitchens and it supposedly increases appetite!
Orange - Orange is widely associated with warmth, optimism and instinct. This colour again can be found mostly in kitchens.

- Known for its cheerful and positive impact, yellow has a feeling of sunshine and happiness which is contagious. It should be used wisely and carefully, though.

Meaning of Cool Colours

Blue - Blue provides a sense of calmness and clarity as many people are reminded of the ocean or the sky. It's known to be a colour of safety and trust, perfect for rooms where work needs to be done.

Purple - Purple symbolises luxury, wealth and creativity. It is mostly used to provide a sophisticated look.

Neutral Colours

We can't forget neutral colours! This type of colour palette is the most popular, and it's the safe bet. Colours in this category feature light brown, cream, black, white and grey to name a few. When it comes to interior design, neutral means without color.

These colours provide a smart and elegant style, while simultaneously making rooms appear larger.

Intuition & Personal Judgements

It's important to know that, when you are choosing colours for your interior design project, intuition and personal judgments will play a huge part, especially when it comes to the final decision.

Neutral colours will continue to be popular, just like white doors will never go out of style. It's your living space, design it the way you want it!