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Closet Doors For Bedrooms

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Convenience? Elegance? Utility? What exactly do you look for in your closet door for a bedroom? Understand the various types of closet doors given in this article and take your pick.

Choosing a Closet

A closet is an indispensable part of any bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, you might be able to afford the luxury of having a walk-in closet. A small wardrobe or closet serves just as well, for smaller bedrooms.
Regardless of what type you prefer for your bedroom, a closet door is a must. Its basic functionality of is to protect the contents of the closet. Depending upon your choice, the availability of space, and the size of the closet, you can choose from a myriad of options available in the market.

Types of Closet Doors

Wooden Closet Doors

Wooden doors are the most elegant option for closet doors. They are strong, durable, and can sustain a high-degree of rough handling.
However, they are bulky and may occupy considerable space, which can be problematic in smaller bedrooms. You may have typical bi-fold doors for wardrobes or paneled doors for walk in closets. Wooden doors also offer more privacy and security to the closet.

Glass Closet Doors

Frosted closet doors are apt for modern bedrooms that are spic and span. By the technique of sand blasting, you get attractive design patterns on your frosted doors.
Glass doors come in several styles like sliding, bi-fold, or even as French doors. Glass doors look great, but they may not be advisable, if you need to open or close your doors frequently. Moreover, they need regular maintenance and cannot sustain rough usage.

Styles of Closet Doors

Bi-Fold Closet Doors

This is the most popular style of closet doors and it comes in various materials. The design is simple, comprising two panels, which are mounted on hinges. The doors open outward to give the user a view of the entire closet. They are inexpensive and convenient to use. Their only drawback is that, they may take a considerable amount of space when opened.

Folding Closet Doors

Folding closet doors are a good option for space-challenged rooms. These doors, when opened, fold to the side of the wardrobe and don't come between the user and the closet. This way, you can explore the contents without bothering about the doors. Also, the doors don't cast a shadow inside, thereby facilitating a better view.

Sliding Closet Doors

When you have limited space available for closets, sliding doors are your best bargain. These modern doors are also called pocket doors as they slide into pockets in the side walls.
They offer the maximum view, as they vanish into the walls while opening the closet. Sliding doors also increase the storage capacity of any room.

Swinging Closet Doors

These doors open both ways, inward and outward. They are ideal for people who prefer openness in their bedrooms. They are best suited for a partition between a bedroom and a walk-in closet.

Functionalities in Closet Doors

Mirrored Closet Doors

If you are looking for an added functionality to your closet doors, then mirrors could be an ideal option. You may choose a small or full-length mirror, depending on your preference.
The mirror is often fitted on wooden door frames, that are either in sliding or bi-fold style.

Cost-effective Closet Door Options

In case you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your closet door, then you can think about curtains. They do not take up much space and are easy to install on your own. Although, they do not offer any security or privacy, you can even use them for walk-in closets.
Vinyl doors are another cost-effective option. However, for more durability, you should opt for glass or wooden doors.