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Clever Clothes Storage Ideas Without Closet

Sai Kardile Feb 5, 2020
Alright, not all of us have the luxury of serenading around an expertly put together closet. But there is absolutely nothing to be discouraged about. We got some clever clothes storage ideas up our sleeves that will make you gain some hearty pats on the back from the tidiness petite warrior, Marie Kondo. Haiya!

No closet? No problemo.

We all want a meticulously arranged closet that looks nothing short of an art installation straight out of the Metropolitan Museum, don't we? But space plays the party pooper. However, that doesn't mean we lose our hearts and give up on the idea of having an organized clothes storage altogether! There are some ways of doing it, genius ones, that too! 

A Clothing Rack

This will help you put your clothes, shoes and accessories in a shipshape and shiny manner.
Another good thing about it? You will be able to take stock of the dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers, etc. you own and help you say bye-bye to the clothes you no longer need but have been hoarding unnecessarily. Killing two birds with one stone.

A Vintage Armoire

Anything vintage will add an old-world elegance to the mix.
Armoires come with huge storage and decorating potential. Period.

Opt for the Provencal-styled intricately carved ones or go with the streamlined, no-nonsense silhouette — an armoire will never disappoint. No matter what your interior narrative.

A Book Shelf

Like really? Why didn't it strike you before! You can stack your clothes as nicely as books in a bookshelf. Picking out and placing your clothes will be easier from these modules.
A wall-to-wall bookshelf will add a sense of spaciousness in your bedroom as well as help you optimize your space down to the last inch. Plus you can work up mini design moments in between by throwing in some succulents, decor objects, and art.

A Nook Cabinet

Aha! Nooks, crannies, alcoves, and corners!
The nook cabinets will help you host your clothes and sundries in a satisfyingly tidy way.

You can build your own modular storage system by grouping clothes storage containers, plastic storage drawers, hooks, hangers, and floating shelves.

Make sure to add lights and tuck in a tiny mirror, if you can, to morph your nook into a wow-worthy organized space.

A Storage Bed

A storage bed is one chic solution that will enable you to bring order in your bedroom. The joy of enjoying a good night's sleep whilst being able to store your belongings neatly is like having your cake and eating it too.
Whether your bed comes with drawers sliding out from the sides/front or a lid that can be lifted; if it allows you to stow away the essentials, it is a boon for your bedroom that is strapped for square footage.