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Cheap Flooring Ideas

Pragya T Feb 20, 2020
Are you on a tight budget and looking for some cheap flooring ideas? Wondering what looks great to the eyes, and is yet easy on the pocket?
Hardwood flooring and carpets can render a great look to your floor, but they come at a hefty price. Though these kinds of flooring look great, they are very expensive, not easy to maintain, and don't fit everyone's budget.

But this doesn't mean that you can't make your home floor look great. There are a million options of affordable flooring available, and when used rightly, can make your house floor look absolutely great.

Cheapest Flooring Options

Carpets are great, and there are many varieties available from which you can choose. So, visit a carpet store and buy some carpet samples (you might even get some samples for free). You can either buy a carpet if you wish to use it for all the rooms of your house, or use these samples and make a patchwork carpet with the sample pieces, and place them on a damaged area of your existing flooring.
Go for bamboo flooring for your house. Bamboo is actually a grass and not wood, however, it can replicate the look of a wooden flooring. Also, you can go for strand woven bamboo flooring which displays the fine lines of the grass, as this is made by gluing bamboo pieces together, which gives it a natural look. Bamboo flooring, compared to hardwood flooring, is half or even less priced, as bamboo reaches its growth period within 3-7 years, while hardwood takes around 50-120 years.
Concrete floors give a bit of an unfinished and earthy look, but they are inexpensive and easy to install. There are many different concrete floors available to match your home decor. They come stained, painted, colored, and some are even personalized. They are easy to clean and maintain, and especially great for places where there is lots of sand or snow. Concrete floors are also a good alternative if you have allergies to carpets. You can always create a cool looking floor surface with a creative floor painting technique.
These are softer than linoleum tiles, and also have a more natural and rich look as compared to them. Cork tiles are inexpensive compared to other types of natural flooring, and you can tile a large room in your house with a few hundred dollars. These tiles can also be stained with natural shades like yellow, blonde, brown, etc.
A great and affordable idea of flooring is the peel and stick tiled flooring. These tiles are very affordable, and come in various different colors and textures. You can buy carpet peel and stick tiles or vinyl peel and stick tiles.
You can also buy wood tiles, which you can simply peel and stick to the floor base. The best part about these tiles is the installation, which is quite simple. All one has to do is take out the covering behind the tiles to reveal the adhesive backing, and stick the tiles on the appropriate place.
This is a great idea if you are on a tight budget, and is an especially good, yet cheap basement flooring idea, as tiled floors are very easy to clean. You can go with plain colors to install the flooring for your bathroom. But, if you are using ceramic tiles for other rooms as well, mix and match different tiles to create an interesting looking floor. You can even create a mosaic using mosaic tiles, to give your floor an attractive look.

Smart Ideas to Cover Flaws on the Floor

You can cover flaws on the floor with some really simple ideas, like placing a rug or simply placing a piece of furniture over the area that is damaged. You can also reshuffle the furniture in the room to cover any flaws on the floor.
Another way to cover flaws is to simply place a small table and cover it with a cloth which falls freely on the floor. You can use the table to keep an accent, like a vase or lamp. If the area is large and you want to cover it up, simply throw a futon over the surface.
Then place a nice sheet, some bolsters, and pillows on the futon, to create a cozy sitting space.

If you have a damaged section of flooring, then making a patchwork of carpet samples is a great inexpensive idea. However, if you are planning on remodeling your entire floor, then go for tiles or concrete floors.
But, if you have a moderate budget and want to go for something like wood flooring, look at different samples of bamboo flooring, and opt for the laminate ones, as you can install them yourself and save on hiring a contractor.