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Ceramic Tile Installation Cost

Rutuja Jathar
The cost of ceramic tile installation depends on a few important factors. This post explains what these factors are.
Budget is the most influential factor in any home decorating project. Installing or re-installing the floor can cost a lot if done without proper planning and knowledge. Ceramic tiles are a great option for home improvement projects, provided that you are aware of the investment.
There are many ways to utilize these tiles; you can install new flooring, roofing, or use them for walls as well. There are thousands of patterns that can suit the personal choice of each person.
The price of these tiles depends upon the patterns and the area they are to be installed. For instance, it will definitely cost less if it is a small area, but it will cost a lot more if it is to be done for the whole house. Plus, the price also depends on the area you live in, as the delivery charges will be added to the overall price.

Things to Consider

There are many types of tiles that vary in design as well as their average cost. These types are glazed, terracotta, porcelain, custom-made, and other exotic tile patterns like glass and mosaic.
Make sure that the tiles that you choose go with your furniture and the overall budget of your home improvement project.
If you are planning to remodel the house with these tiles, don't forget to count the removal cost of the existing tiles. Removal and replacement of the furniture, demolition of the old tile covering areas, preparation of the sub-flooring, required materials for the installation, etc., are some other things that play a vital role in deciding the budget.
Many retailers provide finance for the project that you can pay in installments; this is an option worth considering.


Along with detailed consideration for all these factors, there are still a few other things to consider. The most important is the method of installation; whether to hire professionals or do it yourself. The professionals will provide you with a great finishing, but their high charges need to be considered. This can increase the average cost of the project.
The average cost can range from USD 1000 to USD 1500 for a 5 x 8 area. The average price per square foot ranges between USD 5 and USD 20. The price can increase if you don't know how to cut and lay the tiles. Doing the project yourself can be the greatest factor to lower the cost, as you will not have to pay the charges of a professional.