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Canvas Art Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Pragya T
Traditional paintings cost a lot, but canvas arts are inexpensive compared to these paintings. These crafts are so cheap, that with every makeover of the house, you can switch to new canvas art frames to suit your newly-colored walls.
Canvas art is much subtler compared to the traditional framed art. The possibilities are many with canvas art, all you need is a bit of creativity.
So, what do you wish to express on your canvas? Nature, modern art, oriental design, or a memory perhaps? You can choose any of the ideas mentioned here.

Just make sure it goes well with your home décor, and matches the wall colors.

Canvas Artwork Pictures

Three different canvas to match the décor.
Big, bright flower brightens the space!
Colorful canvas against dark blue décor.
Clock on a canvas. So, unique!
Keyboard on a canvas is eye-catching!
Black and white portrait is elegant and classic.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas


To try these canvas painting ideas, spray paint the canvas in a base color and let it dry.
Use a color which will stand out on the base color, and design a thick spiral shape on it. For example, black base coat and turquoise blue spiral.

Abstract Canvas Art

Many times, you come across bright colors canvases and weird but interesting shapes.
Paint the canvas with a light color, say black as the base coat, and let it dry. Use a bright color and spray a big rectangular shape. The edges of the rectangle should be round. Let it dry and then use other colors to spray concentric rectangles inside the big one. Like rectangles, you can experiment with concentric circles too!

Oriental Designs

Paint some nice oriental design on a canvas. Spray paint a little amount of green color at the bottom of long rectangular-shaped canvas and let it fade away at the middle of the canvas.
On a white canvas, paint simple black bamboo designs with a paintbrush. You can keep a bamboo house plant near the canvas to complement the canvas art.

Using Photos

You can use an old photo which you like, and get it printed on a canvas. You can use a photo of a person, or a photo of a place you visited.
Make sure the photo is not a long shot, as the closer the shot, the better the photo will look on the canvas.

Multiple Canvases

You can also place a group of three canvas in such a way they contribute to one particular scene. For example if you have a scene of a sunset, then distribute the scene on three different canvases. This can give an interesting look to your wall.

Flower Power

Flower designs are very popular. You can divide a flower design on different frames, and hang them together to make it look interesting.
Or simply hang a canvas art of a flower painting. You can also hang 4 similarly designed but differently colored flowers on the walls.

Word on Canvas

You can have a collage of different words on the canvas too. It can really look stunning in a room.
Or you can even put your favorite quote on the canvas. Make sure you stick to basic colors when using words on a canvas.

Famous Paintings

You can also display a Van Gogh or a Picasso on the canvas. This will take away the traditional framed-painting look, yet at the same time, you can have a great looking artwork on the wall.

3D Effect

You can also consider creating a 3D effect on your canvas, by sticking origami, laces, strings, petals, etc. on it.
For example, just take a canvas with sky blue background and stick few origami swans on one corner of the canvas.


Silhouettes are popular when it comes to creating wall art.
Take some interesting silhouette shapes like a face, bird, animal; basically any interesting shape will do. On a solid color background paint this silhouette, and voila, cool silhouette artwork is ready.

Buying Art

Are you not an artist and clumsy at painting? Do not worry. Buy art from online photo sites and get them printed on a canvas. You will be amazed with the collection of artwork these sites have.

Stretching Canvas Procedure

1. You can get your canvas art stretched on a frame by a professional, which is quite inexpensive or follow these DIY steps to learn how to stretch a canvas.

2. You can buy a stretcher wooden frame or buy the wooden bars for making frames. These bars come with grooves, so it will be easy for you to assemble the bars into a frame.
3. Make sure your canvas is cut properly to fit the frame. On a clean and flat surface like a floor or a table, place the canvas and then put the frame in the center of the canvas.
4. In the center of one bar of the frame, start attaching the canvas. To do this, staple the middle of the canvas on the wooden bar and on the opposite side, use canvas pliers and make sure that the canvas remains taut. Then slowly staple and use canvas pliers to cover both the sides of the frame.
5. This way, attach the canvas on the other two sides of the frame. You can remove the excess amount of canvas by trimming with scissors.

6. The corners of the canvas need special attention. To secure the corners at the back of the frame, you need to follow a specific folding pattern.
7. Take the pointed edge of the canvas, and place on the corner of the frame. Fold the two wings of the cloth over each other and secure with a staple gun. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the corners.
Well, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, gather all the supplies and get going...