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Types of Candle Holders

Abhay Burande
Candle holders were more popular in the old times when there was no electricity, and Edison hadn't discovered the bulb. These vintage candle holders were very ornate and beautiful. Here's a post which tells you about the different types of candle holders along with their purpose. Take a look!


A girandole, in simple terms, is a candelabra cum chandelier. It is placed over a flat surface like the former, and has prismatic pieces of glass like a chandelier.


A candelabra is a candle holder with multiple arms or branches. It is also referred to as a candle tree due to its branched structure. Although candelabra is the plural of a candelabrum, it is mostly used in a singular sense.
Candelabras were used to illuminate and decorate dining tables, side tables, entryway tables, or dressers. A candelabra in its most generic sense means any branched object meant to hold multiple candles hence, a chandelier or a menorah are different forms of a candelabra.

Difference between Candelabra and Chandelier

The word chandelier comes from the French word for candelabrum (Latin) but is quite different from it. The only similarity between the two is their arms or branches, used to hold multiple candles. A chandelier is a decorative ceiling fixture and is meant to illuminate the whole room.
They are made of glass or crystal pieces, which aim to obtain spectacular refraction of light. Modern chandeliers use light bulbs instead of candles and are mostly seen in large halls, temples, mosques, or churches.


The menorah is an eight-armed candle holder, with an additional central candle; some even consider this central candle as the ninth branch. The menorah originates from Judaism and is lit especially during the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah (festival of lights). Menorahs come in several designs and materials.
Traditional menorahs were made of pure gold; however, the recent ones are made of silver. According to Jewish tradition, a new branch is lit on each night of Hanukkah (8 branches for 8 nights). The ninth branch is called the shamash, which translates to 'helper' or 'servant' in English, and is used to light the other candles.


A candlestick is meant to hold a single candle. Candlesticks are commonly referred to as chambersticks or candle holders. A candlestick has a typical cup-like structure that helps keep the candle upright; some even feature a spike which pierces the candle's bottom.
 Candlesticks can be considered as the most basic units of a candelabra. They are commonly used in religious rituals across different cultures. They are also used as a means of decoration on several occasions, especially in the West.

Candle Lantern

As the name suggests, a candle lantern is basically a lamp that contains one or multiple candles.They have been used from the medieval times and are still used in some parts of the world as artefacts. They were used as a portable lighting source and in indoors or outdoors to illuminate large areas.
Lanterns were made of bamboo or wood; and paper, silk, or animal hide.They were developed in order to protect candles from wind and thus were enclosed into frames to avoid flickering or extinguishing.

Tealight Candle Holder

A tealight also referred to as t-lite, is a small candle which is enclosed in a metal container, made of thin sheets of tin, in order to achieve complete liquefaction while it burns.Tealights are circular, short, and wide. They derive their name from their use of warming teapots. 
Tealight holders can be made of glass, wrought iron, wood, plastic, or even paper. Tealight candle holders are solely meant for decoration and look very beautiful especially when lit together in large numbers.

Modern Decorative Candle Holders

Modern candle holders do not have a standard structure or material. They can be made of glass, wrought iron, wood, plastic, clay, and other materials. These candle holders are mostly used for special occasions or also for gifting purposes. Candle holders needn't necessarily be purchased, they can be easily made at home. You can refer to these instructions to make beautiful candle holders yourself.
So these were a few types of ancient as well as modern candle holders. Hope you liked them. Don't forget to make some beautiful ones yourself.